Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Personalised Gifts for family & friends

2013 seems to be the year when all our remaining single friends are tying the knot or adding to their families with tiny new additions! Finding original gifts which people will adore for years to come is coming increasingly a challenge! However I've decided that personalised gifts are definitely the best idea, as they really show the recipient how much you care - well if you pick the words carefully anyway! GiftsOnline4U have a lovely selection of gifts which can be personalised to suit most budgets.

These personalised champagne glasses I think are a lovely gift idea, and great value at £29.99 delivered!

  Each glass can be individually personalised, so you could add a date or simply the couples names, what better way to celebrate a new marriage than with a toast with these very special champagne glasses! You could even add a bottle of champagne with a personalised label for the ultimate gift, just imagine how pleased the newly weds would be if the bottle displayed the date of their big day alongside their names! If you think your couple would prefer a specific tipple, or exclusive bottle you could instead purchase a personalised pewter plaque which will fit easily to any 75cl bottle, with space for 90 characters of personalised text and costing just £12.99 delivered this has the added benefit of being able to be kept easily long after the contents of the bottle has been consumed!

 Or if you want a more luxurious wedding gift how about sending an engraved crystal decanter set?
I like the idea of this decanter set, as it's such a traditional gift you can imagine it being used in years to come for an evening tipple! The set comes complete with the brass handled tray and set of four glasses, so it really is a lovely gift! The decanter can be engraved with a choice fonts and there is plenty of scope to engrave that special message of well wishing.

If you're looking for a sweet Valentine's gift how about this text speak frame which will be sure to bring a smile to a loved one! Personalising it couldn't be easier with the option to include names or a short message along the top of the frame.

If you're looking for a special gift this year, why not make it personalised and check out GiftsOnline4U  they have a diverse range of gifts catering for most special occasions.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and gift suggestions are my own.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Age 2, what are we going to do!

Elvis is now 2, and he's doing all the things I would expect my two year old to be doing - hooray. He's having giant tantrums, talking constantly, singing (badly), climbing up and over anything and everything and running after his big brother shouting "waiiiiiit!".

However, I do have worries where he's concerned. The main worry is his lack of interest in food, he just doesn't seem interested at all. He's always been slim even as a baby, and now he's a slight toddler, I look on enviously as all the other toddlers we know are considerably heavy than him wishing he'd fill out. I suppose the continual colds and coughs haven't helped him at all, but now I'm at the point where I think I'm making matters worse by watching him constantly when we're eating and also more or less trying to force food into him. There, I've said it! I get worried he's not eating enough and try to force or trick him into eating extra, and he knows! The worst part, when he wants to eat he will eat everything and anything, but the urge to eat doesn't come very often.

We've got our 2year health check this week, and I'm stressed. While we had a trip to the hospital in October and they agreed he was light but within a healthy range and were positive about the fact he did eat, I know the health visitor will not be quite so kind. No doubt I will end up crying, and feeling like I am not feeding him enough so I am to blame, even though the truth is quite the opposite. I'm trying to stay positive and not make a big deal about food, as I know the more fuss I make, the worse it is. I've started a food diary for him, so I can track what he does eat and when, and I'm going to start offering less food but more often to see if that helps. 

Have you experienced this with your toddler? How did you deal with it?