Friday, 1 February 2013

A special Valentine's Day cake!

We were sent a fabulous personalised cake from Baker Days, as a  Pre-Valentine's day treat! They sent us what they call a Letterbox cake, which is designed to fit through most letterboxes, so ideal if you want to send a gift to a friend or relative who may be out at work when it arrives! 

The cake arrives in a great tin to protect it during it's journey through the postal service:

 Cakes are sent with a card with your personal message, so the recipient knows who it is from! As you can see the cake arrived in perfect condition!

You may notice there is a spelling error on our name sadly, but at quick glance you wouldn't notice, so we'll let them off!

The cake was a sponge cake, and very spongy it was to! It says the cake serves 4, but we got 6 servings out of it easily, it may be a small cake but it's very tasty! Of course you don't have to have a sponge cake, you can choose from a selection including carrot cake, fruit cake or even Gluten and Wheat free cake, they do charge a small amount extra for these, but still good value in my opinion! A letterbox cake starts from £14.99 and includes the cost of postage and packing, which I think is great value for such a lovely personalised gift!

They also do photo cakes and a great selection of personalised cupcakes so if you are looking for a special Valentine's, Birthday or even a wedding gift why not have a look?

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Baker Days for sending us a lovely cake to review free of charge, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Time for a new tank?

As some of you may know, we have a tank of tropical fish but in recent months it has started to look rather tired and while we've tried our best to spruce it up, realistically it is time we looked to replace the tank! I've been having a look on line for aquatic retailers and was pleased to discover Joe's Aquatic World who offer a great selection of tanks, accessories and pond equipment to! 

I've been looking at the Aqua One 65L tank which seems quite good value especially as there is free delivery offered on orders over £50? I must confess, I'd love a BiOrb as they look fabulous, but I'm not sure if our fish are suitable for it, so I think I'll have to do a little more reading, or perhaps I'll send Joe's an email and see if they can advise! 

Obviously if we get a new tank, we'll have to get some new decoration for it, and i really like these drift wood ornaments and this regal palace! Now I just need to decide which tank to go for, as of course I need to establish it for about a week before I can transfer the fish into it!