Thursday, 21 November 2013

Secret Santa gifts

There's that thing, Secret Santa, which fills so many of us with dread. You never get the person who is easy to buy for as they like anything related to cats, you always end up with Aunty Doreen who you don't really know, or David from accounts who is always telling you off for submitting your expenses late. But then, really, this is part of the fun of secret Santa! Of course there are two approaches, one is to opt for the standard catch all box of chocolates, (because that's really thoughtful..)

The other option is to see if you can make them smile with a gift which is a little different! I see secret Santa as being rather like the presents you get from crackers, they can be useful, but more often than not you just want them to amuse you for the day! Let's face it we've all had nail clippers from crackers, and while they are useful, they don't exactly fill our day with excitement! So, for Secret Santa, I like to have a look at Hawkin's Bazaar, I popped into my local store yesterday and had a good look around and have already gained some ideas for this year! The pooping reindeer is an entertaining one if you're struggling to know where to start looking! I'm opting for an unusual gift which is guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients face! 

How about you? What are your thoughts on secret Santa?



  1. I'm ok when it comes to buying for other women when it comes to secret santa...Chocolates or smelly bath stuff....I don't have a clue when it comes to