Friday, 4 January 2013

Things to remember in 2013..

Always be prepared for fun with never know what you might find..

Terrain may be muddy, be prepared to get stuck in..

 Make sure you have help on hand to assist in the event of getting into trouble..

 When you fall over, just remember to get back up on your feet and don't cry..

There'll always be a friend waiting somewhere to hold your hand..

Have a lovely weekend! Ms G xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Do your children write thank you letters?

I was always encouraged to write Thank you letters after Christmas and Birthdays as a child, but it seems to be out of favour at the moment? Only one of my friends encourages her child to write thank you letters. I wondered how many people will be encouraging their children to do the same? Or do you have a different method to thank friends and relatives for presents who aren't with you when the presents get opened?

Boo has started to write so I decided we should write a simple thank you to people who have given him a lovely gift over the Christmas period. He decided he wanted to make the cards himself, and made pretty 'flowers' to write on (a nightmare to fit in envelopes..), they are simple to make and I hope will bring a smile to Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles! Boo really enjoyed writing 'Thank you' and making the cards while remembering what each person had given him and talking about how lucky he has been. It was a lovely afternoon activity, and while they might not be the most artistic flowers, I'm hugely proud of his writing skills!

Ms G xx


Monday, 31 December 2012

Warner Brothers Winter Offerings!

Warner Brothers sent us a lovely parcel pre-Christmas, a stocking filled with three fabulous DVD's and some divine Lindt chocolate (but that didn't stick around very long!)

The Polar Express is a wonderful children's film, and we have watched it daily since it arrived! The combination of a train on a journey to Father Christmas and all the adventure in between filled Boo (aged 4 1/2) with tremendous excitement and he sat silently throughout the film on numerous occasions! For me the voice of Tom Hanks really works well as the slightly grumpy train conductor!

New Years Eve is the ideal film if you like me will be enjoying the festivities of welcoming in a New Year at home! Starring such fabulous actors as De Niro and Kutcher I couldn't wait to watch it! It is a feel good film, funny, sentimental and full of things which make you think about life differently. I have to confess, I did find the film a little long, but I also enjoyed it very much and even shed a tear or two. It comes with a UV copy, so can (and will!) be watched again while you're out and about on a mobile device.

The Dark Knight Rises, Mr G was delighted to receive this as he loves Batman films, and as this is the last in the Nolan trilogy he was excited to see what would happen! Batman is now a fugitive, and the film is packed full of action which made the film - although over 2 1/2 hours long - fly by! The UV copy has proved popular and Mr G has already watched it on his phone while recovering from a nasty cold, while I watched films with the children instead.

Huge Thank You to Warner Brothers for sending us such a wonderful selection of Winter entertainment!

Be part of the Daxon VIP Blogger Network

If you like me love fashion but have a fear of your toddler flinging open the changing room curtains, you have probably opted to enjoy the comfort of shopping from home instead! Daxon is part of the same group as Le Redoute and Vertbaudet, so you are assured of great quality and customer care! They aim to provide the best fit, and offer great value and a superb range of clothes to suit all occasions.

Daxon have set up a VIP Fashion Blogger Network and is inviting fashion lovers to join in the fun, hurry though the closing date is 31st December 2012..that's today!!

Now, while I'm not exclusively a fashion blogger, I do love fashion and love writing about fashion which fits me well - I'm tall and curvy so this often poses problems! So, I hope that Daxon will let me join in the fun, so I can show you how Daxon fits in with my lifestyle! How about this simple but elegant jersey dress to take you in 2013 with style, it'd make the returning to work post holiday seem far less stressful!

Image Property of  Daxon.

Ms G xx