Thursday, 20 December 2012

Luxury Gifts

What do you buy the man who has everything? One of my dearest friends is my biggest dilemma at Christmas, as I always like to buy him a gift, but he's impossible to buy for! Having spent the last few days searching, I think I've found the answer from JA CampbellOffering a range of exquisite sterling silver goods, which are hand crafted in England, they would make great Wedding presents or offer something special for the impossible to buy for friend! My personal favourite is the silver birthday cake candle holder, which could be handed down generations, and start a new family tradition. I adore the decanters they're so elegant and with so many choices of design, I think I'll have to put one on my Christmas list for next year!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Keep on Dancing!! with Butterfly Twists!

If you're anything like me, since becoming a mother, the time spent in my high heels has reduced dramatically! Being 5ft 10, I never really needed to wear heels but enjoyed wearing them on nights out, now I end up unable to walk by the end of the night, and let's face it no one fancies walking bare foot in the cold do they?

I was sent a pair of Butterfly twists, ingenious folding shoes, now I've had a pair of folding shoes before, but they didn't fold quite as neatly as these ones do! 

These are ideal for post Christmas party, and would stash easily in your handbag or even your friends coat pocket!! They actually look smart enough that you could even get away changing into them half way through the evening when normally you'd be sat hiding your bare toes under the table! 

Looking good!

 They are easy to fold, but when you're wearing them they don't feel any different to any other ballerina pumps! They are incredibly soft to wear, and almost feel like slippers!

 Butterfly twists come in a variety of designs, so you can choose a pair to suit your mood or outfit, I especially like the new Union Jack design shoe! I also think they'd be great for travelling as they pack up so small you could take a couple of pairs with you to spice up your wardrobe without using up your baggage allowance! 

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Butterfly Twists to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Country File has a LOT to answer for...

For our entry to the #pktmnyparents linky competition on BritMums, I asked Boo, what would you spend your pocket money on if you had it all saved up? He smiled sweetly and replied.. 


For those of you who are wondering why Boo is asking for toys he appears to already have, I must explain, he doesn't want the toys, he wants the real thing. He would buy a combine harvester and a he wants to drive them through the get saving then..and I might need to up his pocket money..a lot! This is our entry for the #pktmnyparents linky over at Britmums.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Beauty Slim by Berlei!

I both love and loath Christmas parties, I love the excitement of dressing up and going out with my friends, but dread trying to slide into that dress I’ve not worn since last year, or discovering I’m ‘between sizes’ with the dress I’ve been lusting after for weeks. We’ve all been there, and having a ‘fat’ day can make a night out stressful – and you find yourself hiding your tummy behind your handbag or avoiding the camera altogether!

Beauty Slim by Berlei, are the kind of pants which Bridget Jones herself would be proud to own, providing that bit of support to give you a nice smooth appearance around your middle! I have to confess they are going to be a staple part of my Christmas party wardrobe this year, especially as I have fallen in love with a rather close fitting duchess satin dress, which is most unforgiving on my erm.. lumpy bits!

So, here they are:

They remind me slightly of old-fashioned underwear, and I can’t help but feel like I’m about to leap into an episode of Downton Abbey when I put them on! Unlike some other shape wear, they have retained a very feminine appearance, with the pretty trim, and lace up motif on the front. As they’re seam-free they work well even under tight black trousers – as they are invisible, and once they’re on they’re comfortable as the fabric is incredibly soft. The pants worked wonders at controlling my Mum- tum, and as my tummy is an area I’m really conscious about, it did give me more confidence to enjoy my first Christmas night out! 

Huge thanks to Berlei for sending me some fabulous underwear to try out and write about! x