Thursday, 29 November 2012

Berlei - Running Bra

After a busy week keeping up with Boo's social calender, I didn't manage to make it to the gym. I had the best of intentions, but both roads which take me there have been badly flooded with all the torrential rain we've had. I didn't want to risk it even in day light! Instead in my mission to try to maintain my fitness, I have been enjoying brisk walks and even a run in the park! Now I'm not sure about you, but I'm big busted enough that I need plenty of support even when I'm walking briskly! Running is physically painful without a good sports bra, and I have to confess I always seem to buy the big ugly ones which hold you in tightly and are not exactly beautiful!

Berlei sent me a fabulous sports running bra in a vibrant shock pink, I instantly loved the fun colour but was dubious that the bra would be supportive enough as it looks and feels just like a normal bra. After a few brisk laps walking round the park, I decided to try a run, I was impressed with how supportive the bra is and how comfortable. I like the fact you can wear the straps either straight or cross over, as it enables me to wear it with my racer back gym tops discreetly! Inside each cup is a shell type design which provides maximum support (even when you're an F cup like me!) called 'ultrasonic welding' - i bet you never thought you'd get that in a bra!

The fabric is super soft, and I confess this is my favourite bra currently! I would happily wear it all the time - it really is that comfortable! The Sports Running Bra comes in black, white, shock pink and electric blue and is ideal for high impact sports. Although described as a running bra, I think it'd be a great bra to wear even when horse riding to minimise bounce! They also do matching briefs, which aim to help reduce chaffing and offer maximum comfort - these are already on my Christmas list!

You can grab 50% off the Berlei Running Bra check out the Berlei Blog for details how!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Toddler Christmas Gift ideas - Babe-equip

It's that time of year when I try to think of gifts for my children which will entertain them a little longer than just Christmas day! I really like wooden toys, and think they have lots of play value as well as avoiding the typical Christmas morning problem of discovering you have no batteries!

Having a look at Babe-equip I discovered that there are a number of lovely gift ideas, and I especially liked the look of the Wooden Truck & Blocks I think my youngest would love 'driving' the truck around and dropping the bricks off! I also think this wooden nativity set is great, I got a similar one for the boys last year to help them understand why we celebrate Christmas, and it's been helpful as Boo is learning about the Christmas story at school this year!

I've been thinking of a Kiddimoto kurve balance bike for a while for Boo, and seeing them on Babe-equip they look fabulous, especially the Union Jack one..I wonder whether Santa can fit one in his sleigh this year?

Babe-equip have a customer promise that all they only sell products which they use on their own children. I like this philosophy, especially for an on-line retailer! Delivery is free when you spend £50 and for orders under £50 it costs just £3.50.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Reclaiming our bed!

I've been battling with E to get him to sleep, ever since he was so poorly a couple of weeks ago, he has got into the habit of climbing into our bed in the early hours of the morning, which then got earlier and earlier until the point where he wouldn't get in his bed at all. To be honest, we were so tired we put up little resistance, preferring some sleep to no sleep, and while I don't believe we made a mistake in having him co-sleep while he was ill, I realised rapidly this was becoming a bad habit..

We began to try tactics to encourage him into his own bed and more to the point to keep him them, it has been incredibly frustrating and I have found myself making matters so much worse by raising my voice to say the N-O word. Last night however, we had a small breakthrough, after battling for an hour, I decided that it was time to get him to settle himself, there was nothing wrong and he just needed to get used to comforting himself to sleep. I let him cry, I found myself crying quietly to, as I hate hearing him upset, but within 10minutes he was asleep. The downside, he was asleep on the soon as I picked him up he woke up again...another ten minutes and he was sound asleep..on the floor but this time he had taken his pillow and blanket?! After wondering whether we should move him, we decided to wait until he cried and then we'd move him back into his bed. 

At 3.30am big brother Boo woke up and shouted I need a drink which woke E up, Mr G settled them both back into their beds, E started shrieking..I sighed and wondered what would happen next. After a few minutes shrieking, E started to talk asking "Daddy, I want to come in with you now" we ignored the request and it continued "Daddy, Cat, come here cat.." silence, shrieking "DADDDDDDDDDY!! CAT!! Come here" then silence. We looked at each other as suddenly we heard the familiar pitter patter of E's feet running across the bedroom, but this time they were heading into his room and towards his bed..  At 7.30am I peered in as he woke up happily in his own bed, and I smiled as we've taken the first step towards getting him back into his own bed and reclaiming our bed as our own! I'm expecting another battle tonight, but they always say the first night is the hardest and we've done that..wish me luck!

Olly the Little White Van Catch me if You Can! DVD - Giveaway!

We were sent a copy of the fabulous Olly the Little White Van DVD by Abbey Home Media, the boys both enjoy watching Olly the Little White van which is voiced by the fabulous Justin Fletcher. The DVD is an ideal solution for families like us who love the series but miss it due to school runs or social activities, you can enjoy undiluted Olly any time you like! 

We really enjoyed the DVD especially the title episode 'Catch me if you Can!' where Charlie gets to drive a go-kart which is voice activated all sorts of chaos occurs! I love the 'Catch you if you we can' song and I've found myself humming it hours after watching! I especially like the fact the episodes are around 5minutes long, ideal for younger members of the family! Each of the episodes focuses on friendship and problem solving with catchy songs and plenty of action! E adores Olly, and will sit happily through an episode - usually clapping to the song - while I drink a quick cup of tea! There is also a lovely colouring sheet, the boys aren't great at sharing colouring sheets so I carefully copied it and then they were both delighted! This would make a lovely stocking filler or Christmas gift!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 4 copies of Olly the Little White Van Catch Me if you Can as prizes for 4 lucky winners! To enter the competition you need to follow the instructions on rafflecopter below! 

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