Thursday, 8 November 2012

Milkshake Mix DVD Review & Competition!

A couple of weeks ago we received the brand new Milkshake Mix to review, and Abbey Home Media have also offered a 4 copies as prizes to lucky winners of the competition below!

Milkshake Mix DVD has proved hugely popular with both boys, especially while they've been poorly. It has been played several times since arriving, and with a mix of all their Milkshake favourites they have both been well entertained! There are no breaks for chat or adverts, so it is back to back cartoons! With everything from Thomas the Tank Engine to the Little Princess there is something for every child to enjoy. The running time is over 2 hrs - it is literally packed with fun and giggles! My personal favourite cartoon on the DVD is Abby's Flying Fairy School, which I found highly entertaining although Boo prefered the eccentric Bottle Top Bill, and E favoured Thomas the Tank! We will certainly be playing this one a lot over the next few months, and it would be a fabulous Christmas stocking filler!

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Decluttering continues.. Christmas preparation begins...

With half term over, it's the time when I start preparing for dare I say it... Christmas! Although as Boo is off school poorly today and they've said as he was sick he'll have to be off tomorrow to.. things will have to be slightly delayed but it doesn't stop my planning! 

While Boo's at home I'm concentrating on de-cluttering, I was doing so well at clearing things and then made the error of starting on cupboards..cue things being 'found' and the clutter beginning to gather once more. I've concluded that clutter is not something which I can deal with once and forget about, but more an ongoing operation! Boo's school is doing a bag to school soon, so I plan to fill the bag with clothing and old bedding, hopefully clearing a little cupboard space which might in turn enable me to clear some of the bedroom clutter which keeps creeping up on us! I'm determined that by Christmas the house will be clutter free!

Christmas, I have already ordered our Christmas lunch from Waitrose as I managed to find a Christmas slot which suited us perfectly! I have yet to inform the family that we're having Christmas at home again this year, but as Mr G will be working all the way up to the big day I think it's only fair..although whether that view will be shared I'm not sure.. I suppose I ought to work out which day we're going where over the holiday too..I must make the calls and save the dates! Is it too early to write Christmas cards?! According to Boo it's not too early to start his Christmas list..

We're sending a parcel out to Uganda to the charity Hands for Hope, they need some Christmas decorations and so we're sharing a little Christmas cheer. I also think it helps Boo to understand the real meaning of Christmas by helping others and learning more about other children in the world. those are my plans for the Christmas run up, now the question is will I manage to succeed in being as organised as I'm hoping??