Friday, 2 November 2012

Fun childrens clothing!

Sometimes I find buying clothes for the boys difficult, you see I want them to wear fun clothes which they will enjoy wearing and I will enjoy seeing them in. All too often clothes for children - especially toddlers, are just mini versions of adults clothes, and don't scream fun!

When I came across Love it, Love it, Love it, I was delighted to see that fun clothes for children were out there! Brightly coloured with bold patterns and funky designs, toddlers clothes are fun! Proof that boys can have just as much fun with their wardrobe!

I love the retro patterns on these lovely Smafolk tops and rompers, sadly my boys are both to big to fit the rompers, but I'm sure I'll be able to let my friends treat their children! There are some lovely organic clothes to which are fabulous for sensitive skin, I'm especially fond of the green cloud jacket which goes up to age 8 - such fun for either a boy or girl!

Music for Kids: Pirate Recorder set!

For quite a while Boo has been showing an interest in learning more about music, infact Grandad dug out an old recorder and encouraged him to play it, which he did happily, although tunelessly and without allowing anyone to help! So when we got offered the opportunity to review a Pirate Recorder set we knew Boo would love to have a go!

There are two sets available, Princess or Pirate, we opted for Pirates! The set arrives in a nice box, complete with the recorder, stickers, recorder case, book, cd and finger chart.

Boo was keen to get started and we followed the book to play his first note which he was delighted with, and just to ensure we were playing the right note we put the CD on. The CD follows the book, and provides a fun aid to helping your child learn to play a basic tune. At the end of the CD and book your child can perform the two songs they've learnt with a great little backing track, which includes a concert introduction and even applause!  It is helpful to ensure your child is playing the correct note, as each exercise is played out on the CD, so the book and CD really work together well!

Boo enjoyed the set, especially using some stickers to personalise his recorder!  I however, felt it was a shame that they didn't include more of a pirate theme to the book/music and also teach a little more than the first two notes within the book. There is a great chart included to help you learn more notes, but there is nothing to use them with which is a shame and a slightly older child may be frustrated by this, but it is a great way to encourage your child to get playing and priced at £9.99 they're great value starter sets.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Warner Bros Halloween - Spooky Dvds for Children!

Boo was delighted to receive a fabulous parcel of goodies from Warner Bros, just in time for Half Term and Halloween! They included 4 dvd's including the spooky Tom and Jerry Trick or Treat, Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet, Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens and Scooby-Doo Big Top!

Boo decided we should watch Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet first and we settled down to watch it. The story is set around Aldous Witch who has transformed into an evil witch doctor and has transformed a once beautiful planet into a deadly wasteland which is destroying everything including the Heroes..will they survive?! This is an exciting action packed animated DVD, which we both enjoyed watching and I think will be watched many more times over the next few years! 

Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats  has already been watched several times since it arrived! There is something about Tom and Jerry that appeals to both boys (and me!) this dvd has magic, a zombie Jerry and lots more Tom and Jerry antics! It's good spooky fun without being frightening! Boo says 'Children will be amazed by all the fun Tom and Jerry have!'

Big Top! Scooby Doo 
 This is a 75minute adventure involving a werewolf who is causing trouble for a circus, the Scooby Doo team go undercover as circus perfomers (lots of fun!) to discover what's going on only to be confronted with an increasing amount of werewolves! We really enjoyed this, Boo wasn't keen on the werewolves, but loved seeing the gang solve the mystery and has already asked if we can play it when his friend comes to visit at the weekend! This is a title which comes with Ultra Violet, and so we can watch it when and where we want!

Ben 10 Destroy all Aliens  was definitely Boo's favourite, he was gripped by the story line and sat silently watching throughout the whole film (with the exception of the odd "oh!!" exclamation!). I wouldn't say he is a Ben 10 fan, he's seen a few episodes but isn't to worried either way, but thinks the film is fabulous and has already asked if we can put the UV code (included) in so he can watch it on my phone next time we're out and about! The plot involves Ben being bullied at school and deciding to go to the Total alien immersion training programme, little does he know total immersion means never being human again.. a cross-world battle with lots of excitement!

A huge thank you to Warner Bros for sending us this lovely hamper of Halloween goodies!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Pumpkin edition..

This Halloween is the first one which has excited Boo, and he's been eagerly dressing up a spiders and pumpkins for the last few days in preparation! 
I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, just because I don't enjoy the trick or treaters most of whom are in their teens and are erm..abrasive. There are some parents of younger children who organise trick or treating amongst friends, or people who they know, and I applaud them as it gets over the contradiction to stranger danger. Trick or treating at strange addresses is surely exactly what we try to teach our children from a young age not to do? I don't know how I feel about encouraging my children to ask strangers for treats? At any other time of the year I'm fairly certain I would be condemned for teaching them that?

Anyway, this year Boo decided, he wanted to celebrate Halloween, and gave me a list of the things we need to do in order to celebrate it correctly. Unfortunately, having yet another dismal cold was not on his list, and after costume making, watching Tom and Jerry's Tricks and Treats, and Pumpkin carving, he has taken himself to bed feeling and looking rather rotten. Poor Boo, full of cold again. I wanted to share his pumpkin carving efforts, and I suppose I'd best start thinking up spooky antics for next year.. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wonderworld Toy Review!

Recently the boys were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous Wonderworld toys from DKL Toys to test and review!

The boys wasted no time in getting them out of the boxes and start reviewing  playing with them!

The tractor is very popular with E, at 22months he loves it, thanks to the simple magnet system which attaches the trailer to the tractor, he can independently attach and detach it as well as put the bale of hay into the trailer and then drive it to drop it off elsewhere!

It is really well designed, and is ideally shaped for toddlers little hands to easily manoeuvre! Both boys (aged 22months and age 4) have been really enjoying playing with the wooden tractor and trailer, and it has easily become one of the most played toys with in our toy box since it arrived!

The Rainbow Sound blocks are great fun, they are fun to hold and shake - as each one makes a different percussion sound. They fit into the box in a number of different ways and make a nice change to a conventional shape sorter - there is still an element of sorting which will fit but less need for total accuracy! 

The blocks are great held up to the light, as not only can you see what gems hide inside which are making the sounds but also it shows off the colours really well! In fact we now keep them on the sitting room windowsill, well they do look cool and the children love to constantly rebuild them into different structures:

For your nearest or online stockist of Wonderworld toys you can check out the DKL Toys stockist list, and you can keep up to date with DKL Toys on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: We received the toys for the purposes of the review, all thoughts opinions and photos are our own.

Poppy Cat, Blast Off! Book Review

Poppy Cat is a big favourite in our house, both boys enjoy the adventures of Poppy and her friends, and will regularly ask for the stories to be read over and over again! We were sent a copy of the new Poppy Cat book Blast Off, to review and the boys were quite insistant we read it the instant it was unwrapped!
Blast Off! is a colourful board book from the Poppy Cat series. It follows the adventure of Poppy Cat and her friends on a rocket adventure, where they encounter asteroids and have a bumpy ride home! 

The story is short enough for even the most wriggly toddler to enjoy listening, and with enough action to keep an older child interested to. Each of the pages features brightly coloured images full of action, so my book mad 22month old has sat with fascination carefully examining each page. The story encourages team work, with Poppy rescuing Owl when the rocket door accidentally opens! It's a lovely book, and an ideal size for carrying in your bag while you visit friends or family over Christmas! Published by Macmillan Poppy Cat Blast Off! Is available now from all good book stores.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Headphone Heaven!

In my heart I'm still a teenage music student, battling my way through Shostakovich's symphonies and falling in love with his opera 'The Nose' (and no I didn't just make that up!) Receiving a pair of fabulous Sennheiser headphones in the post was hugely exciting, I instantly felt ten years younger and I had a sudden splurge on music which I'd not heard in a decade! They even came with a 6.3mm stereo jack adaptor - cue me plugging them into the keyboard..and cue Boo announcing he wanted piano lessons..well at least with these head phones I could leave him practising his scales without having to listen to them over and over again...!

Unlike some head phones, these ones have a long lead enabling you to use them while you're dancing around your kitchen - hey it's a great work out.. I confess to being caught out on several occasions while I'm dancing like a loon but it de-stresses me so who cares! If your a fan of android phones like me (cue me coo-ing quietly over my glorious Samsung SIII) it's worth carefully selecting  a pair of headphones so you can fully exploit all your phones functions while shutting out the outside world. You can get comfort and sound quality for under £30, Oh and they look good to!

Sitting on busy commuter trains I used to frequently find myself bored and attempting to read the newspaper of the person next to me, this was ok until they turned the page and I wanted to shriek "No! I've not finished yet!!" Now,  my commuting is less frequent, but, I can catch up with my favourite programmes or read my own paper on my phone.. When I get home I love taking the opportunity to clamber into bed to watch a film or listen to some music and not worrying about waking the boys up - it's the ultimate winter chill out!

 I use my headphones for escapism, they're seriously comfy and after a few minutes I forget I'm wearing them! Thanks to for sending me some fabulous headphones to brighten up my Winter evenings!