Friday, 12 October 2012

Philips Home Cooker - Come Round Party!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a Come Round Party to try out and show off the fabulous new Home Cooker and chopping tower from Philips and Jamie Oliver!

The Home Cooker is easy to set up, and within a few minutes we had it carefully cooking dinner! The magic of the home cooker is that it takes the stress out of cooking, it has a stirring arm which (unless you turn it off - which you can do if you need to!) continues to gentle stir the food preventing sticking and ensuring that you get a flavour of: I've been slaving over a hot stove! (But without having to!).  You can also steam your pasta or vegetables to go with your dish on one of the specially designed steam trays which stack on top of each other.

The Jamie Oliver Chopping tower (sold separately) allows you to easily chop or grate vegetables or hard cheese, and is cleverly shaped to lean over the home cooker so no additional washing up required! I find changing the blade on the chopping tower a little bit difficult but it's getting easier with practise and certainly takes the strain out of preparing vegetables - no longer will i look at any prepared vegetables (so this is a money saving piece of equipment in the long term!).

With young children, I am all to aware that I can be in the middle of  trying to cook dinner and will need to leave it to attend to the Lego crisis (other toy crisis' may occur..) and in those few moments dinner sticks to the pan and is frequently ruined! With the Home Cooker, you can set the timer and leave it to do what it needs to, if you can't rush back to it as soon as it starts to beep there is no need to panic as the timer will stop the temperature allowing you time to get back to it and add your additional ingredients and prevent burning!

Lego Crisis during the Come Round Jamie Oliver Philips Home Cooker Party!

Come Round sent us a number of challenges, firstly to involve all the guest in the cooking! This was great fun and even the children enjoyed helping add the ingredients! I was a little confused as some of the party instructions said to cook our own dish, but then after the party it said we needed to cook a Jamie dish.. (you get a fabulous Jamie Oliver recipe book included with the Home Cooker which gives very simple step by step instructions). For our party we created Goriami Cacciatore (recipe to follow on another blog post!) and for desert we used the Jamie Oliver Boozy Chocolate Fondue from the included recipe book but created a more child friendly version (without the booze!).

Adding the chocolate to the fondue!

I have to confess, I was quite anxious about hosting a party for so many guests and cooking it all myself, but the Philips Jamie Oliver Home cooker and chopping tower did all the work allowing me time to chat with my friends! It was also incredibly easy to wash up, and took the pain out of having guests over for dinner. Both the main and desert were popular with everyone, even the most fussy of the little eaters who were perhaps the most important guests:

Although some of the grown ups did indulge in the fondue which had been left on the children's table using the words "I could just dive into this.."..tut know who you are ladies!

Many Thanks to Philips and Come Round, for letting us host a party and try out their fabulous new Home Cooker and Chopping Tower by Jamie Oliver.

Disclaimer: I received items free of charge for the purposes of hosting a party, I was not asked to blog about the products or the party, but decided to as I am impressed with the products and feel they may be of interest to my readers.