Friday, 21 September 2012

Fabulous Four and starting the terrible Two's.

Since starting school, Boo has become quite a little star. Obviously he has his moments where he won't pick things up or decides he doesn't want to go to bed, but generally school seems to be suiting him. His temper is improving meaning I can enjoy time with him, rather than constantly battling with him. He's loving climbing onto my lap to tell me all about his day and asking what I've been doing, we talk to each other in a way we've never done before - or not that I've noticed until now anyway!

Elvis on the other hand, has hit the terrible twos early, he's 20months, full blown tantrums currently are complete with screeching and writhing around on the floor while pounding the ground. I manage to let him ride out most tantrums, casually observing from a safe distance, and sighing with relief when they end with the need for a huge cuddle. I don't remember Boo having such dramatic tantrums so early on, or being quite so needy for a cuddle afterwards, but I do remember finding tantrums very upsetting. I suppose partly as Elvis is the second child, I have atleast experienced some tantrums and therefore am slightly more relaxed with the idea that there is no point intervening (assuming they are not about to do themselves any harm of course!). Of course it's not always a nightmare, infact apart from the tantrums from E both boys are really very good, and sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have two such fabulous sons!

The best part about the boys now being 4 and almost 2? It has to be the clear development in their social skills. They're keen to play together, Boo usually is the leader in their games and while there is still a clear frustration when E doesn't follow instruction, they're getting there, and Boo is starting to show huge amounts of patience! The current favourite game seems to be Pirates and they chatter happily as they bombard the 'ships' with sand and the occasional bucket of water! I think E's rapidly developing vocabulary is helping their play to advance to a new level, as they can communicate so easily now. Sometimes I think Boo wishes E hadn't learnt to say his name quite so well as it gets shouted loudly, clearly and often as Boo runs to far ahead or climbs too high!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cravendale Epic Straws - Beware of the Cats!

Our milk of choice is Cravendale, we drink loads of the stuff in tea and both boys love drinking it to! So when we got offered the chance for some free milk and to try out the new Epic Straws from Cravendale, we leapt at the chance (especially as we got to try them out before they're officially released!).

The straws are sturdy and can be washed easily - they even arrive with a handy bag to store them in! They come with connectors as well as a diagram to assist you building a straw of epic proportions! Boo loved helping build this one:

But of course once you've built'll want to build more!! So you can let imaginations run wild and get on with some construction resulting in a fun way to drink milk! We had fun building and drinking Cravendale via our Epic Straws, lots of laughter filled the house and then this happened:


Becareful People! You've been warned! The cats are after our Cravendale!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Super Boo! #KodakAvengers

Britmums have a lot to answer for in our house this evening, Mr G and Boo are racing around the garden as Super Heroes! This is all thanks to the #KodakAvengers competition!


Boo loved printing the masks and cutting them out, although unfortunately our colour cartridges started to run out so please excuse the strange colours. Our Printer is pricey to replace the cartridges so I really ought to think about investing in a Kodak printer! We also printed some fabulous Avengers Assemble door hangers, and I might even use the party invitations for Mr G's Birthday! Anyway, enough waffle this is Boo's entry:

Captain America and Iron Man!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Taking the Mickey! ~ Magpie Monday

I've been a bit quiet on the Magpie Monday posts for a few weeks, mostly because our purchases have been less exciting to read about and more about starting school or entertaining Elvis while Boo is at school.

However, this week I thought I'd share a few of our finds, as they really made me smile!

First of all there are these fabulous pasta dishes, they caught my eye and made me stop and look at them:

While they're decorated with pasta shapes I think they have a seaside feel to them (i guess due to the pasta shell shapes!) and they're divine to hold. £2 later and the set were mine, we eat tons of pasta so they've already been well used!

Elvis loves Mickey Mouse, and in our attempts to financially tighten our belt we've rid ourselves of Sky (their broadband was dismal and tv was pricey without it). So we happily purchased him this little collection of Mickey goodies to make up for the loss of his favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

At £3 for the lot we were all happy, and the huge 25cm tall Mickey Mouse survived the washing machine and is as good as new! Now Mickey gets dragged to every meal and has already made close aquaintance with the pasta dishes..!

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