Thursday, 13 September 2012

Touch and Feel version of Dear Zoo! Book Review.

Can you believe that Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell has been entertaining little readers for 30 years? First published in 1982, over 5 Million copies have been sold worldwide, and its popularity shows no signs of fading! Dear Zoo has kept up with technology and produced an app for iPhone ideal for entertaining little ones on the move!

We were sent a copy of the new Dear Zoo touch and feel book, Elvis loves books, and he's fascinated by Dear Zoo, so I was delighted to have an alternative copy which introduces new talking points about textures and continues to encourage making the right animal noises (or is that just our house.. Raaaaarr!).

My favourite part of the book has to be the Lion as I can catch fingers as they poke through the lions mouth - so yes our Lion bites - Rargh! E's favourite, has to be the jumpy frog, he spends ages poking the frogs sticky feet! 

I have to admit that I still like the original version, and that I think we'd need both editions in our house as they serve different purposes! The touch and feel version is not ideal for a bed time book as we get a bit over excited reading it, but it's fabulous for entertaining E while I'm waiting for Boo to come out of school. Boo is 4, and still enjoys the book to, and it's helping him learn to identify simple words as well as talk about what he can see.

A huge thank you to Macmillan Publishers for sending us a copy of this lovely book to review!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dealing with the first days at Primary School..

Your first child attending their first days at Primary School has to be one of the most nerve racking experiences, or at least it has been for me! I have worried that Boo might not make friends, might boss the other children around, get tired, not understand what he's being asked to do.. yes all those silly things which only another parent can understand. I felt rather pathetic on Boo's first day, blubbing uncontrollably in the kitchen before leaving as he'd come up to me and put his little hand in mine before whispering 'I'll miss you today Mummy'. Of course when we arrived after he'd nervously hopped from one foot to the next he confidently waved me bye bye while investigating his new classroom leaving me to deal with my new role in motherhood.
Little E has been less than impressed that his big bro has been leaving him and while I can detect a certain happiness as he plays with Boo's toys undisturbed he has refused to nap and instead waits for Boo to get home before squealing his name in delight.
Boo is full of cold at the moment but has insisted he mustn't miss school and 'read' stories to E about what happens at school. I've smiled some of my biggest smiles the last day or two watching as they play so nicely together. Clearly in their case absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Sleep Well - with Cool Nights Pillows

Mr G and I treated ourselves to a little luxury in the bedroom in the form of a fancy new memory foam mattress. We were excited at the idea of getting the 'great night sleep' it promised, and so when we found we were waking up with sore shoulders and necks we were less than impressed! We spent the next few months replacing our pillows and taking recommendations from anyone who would offer any sort of pillow advice or recommendation. When I saw a tweet from the Yorkshire Linen Company requesting reviewers for their Cool Nights Pillows, I decided to offer ourselves as willing testers!

Cool night pillows promise to offer exactly that, a night of undisturbed cool headed sleep, without the need to constantly turn the pillow to the 'cool side'.

I was instantly pleased that the covers were very soft the covers are poly cotton, but incredibly soft. The pillow appeared very springy, and it certainly felt inviting. The pillows are hollow fibre, which I tend to prefer but I am aware they can quickly lose the springy appearance! The pillow has special silver thread which runs up and down it which I guess is the 'science' bit, the thread is anti-bacterial as well as able to draw heat away from your head, so the pillows in theory should provide a better nights sleep.

Silver threads providing antibacterial protection on the Cool Nights Pillows

So, do they work? Well, initially I didn't notice any difference in whether I felt hot or cold, but I instantly noticed that my aching neck and shoulders had gone after the first night sleeping on the new pillow. I only needed one pillow instead of two, as the pillows are plump and luxurious! After a few days, I realised that my head was definitely kept a little cooler, and instead of waking up in the night flustered and hot, I was sleeping through and waking up refreshed, whether I sleep on my side or roll onto my back. Genuinely the only change has been the pillows, so whatever they're doing it's working for me! I've been using the pillows for a couple of weeks now, and they still look as inviting as they did when they first arrived, and they appear to spring back nicely into shape each morning! are currently selling a pair of Cool Nights Pillows for £19.99, which is an absolute bargain for the quality of pillows!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of pillows in return for an honest review. I am currently still using the pillows and very impressed with them, all views are my own unbiased opinions of the product.