Thursday, 23 August 2012

Making Hand and Foot prints in the Sand - Plaster of Paris Craft!

I read somewhere on a blog a year or two ago about making plaster footprints. Feeling sentimental that Boo is starting school I suddenly had the urge to preserve the memory of how small he is at the moment! I did a similar thing with clay about a year ago but I didn't want lots of the same around the house!

Taking a shallow tray we filled it with dry sand from the sandpit then carefully Boo pressed his foot and a hand into the sand leaving impressions:

We then mixed some plaster of Paris and I poured it into the impressions. After an hour I braved lifting them out but let them dry overnight before we started painting! Before you wonder why Boo's hand print has 6 digits, this was our first attempt and Boo rather enjoyed slopping the plaster mix into the sand moulds, I'm fairly sure that we can gently sand the hand down but he was keen to get painting so we're showing you our work in progress!

I cheated and spray painted the food impression with a can of gold paint:


Boo however expressed his lively personality by painting a multitude of colours:

Cute hey? I'm wondering if I can coat Boo's painted version in PVA glue to give it a glossy finish? What do you think? I've carefully dated the backs of the prints so I can see how much how little he was in years to come!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Starting School - Have I done enough?

I have fallen into a trap which I swore I never would. I have started to worry that I haven't taught Boo enough, started to compare his abilities with other children. I've started to be anxious that all the other children will know more and he'll start behind the others and immediately be labelled less-able. Yes, it shouldn't happen, but I'm not prepared to risk it. This is another reason why I had seriously considered home education, I want Boo to enjoy learning and it to be part of his development not something he strains against!

A friend turned to me and proudly announced her daughter could write her own name and knew all the phonics, she's only 3. Boo can write his name, and is fabulous with counting, can tell me the letter alphabetically and is able to read single numbers but phonics?? No, we've not done those..

Which makes me wonder what else I've not done, and makes me question what we have done! After two days trying to get Boo started with phonics he has pulled a face and said "no Mummy tractor begins with a T not a TUH?" what can I say to that? 'Yes Boo, you're quite correct but it sounds like a TUH' he rolls his eyes and moves away from me, leaving me feeling stupid.

Anyone else wondering how their child will do when they start school and maybe worrying a bit? What are you worrying about the most?