Saturday, 4 August 2012

Schools Out! Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs - Review

With the wet weather showing no sign of leaving this summer, I've been on the look out for extra home entertainment to keep us busy! Our friends at Abbey Home Media kindly sent us a copy of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs new DVD 'Schools Out!' to review:

School's Out! Released 6th August 2012.

With Boo about to start school in September, I'm quite keen to get him used to the idea of what it's all about to make sure he's well prepared! The first episode on the DVD is all about school, after Harry comes home with exciting stories of his day at school the dinosaurs want to know what school is like! Harry decides to show the Dinosaurs what school is all about, by creating 'Dino School!' they then learn about school, from where you might sit, to what happens at break time! Boo and E sat quietly watching the DVD (well, with the exception of Boo singing along with the theme tune..) and Boo asked lots of questions at the end about whether he'd learn about volcanoes on his first fact he's a bit over excited about school now! 

All the episodes have an educational content to them, from learning about how pizza is made to helping and moving house. The genie episode, which is all about being careful what you wish for was particularly useful for us as Boo has just started to use the phrase 'I wish I had..' Seeing the disasters that Harry and his dinosaurs have to overcome is just what Boo needed to begin to understand that getting exactly what you ask for isn't always a good thing!

The DVD is great fun, and Boo was delighted with it! There are 6 episodes in total and all are packed with adventure and fun, ideal for entertainment on a wet day and great for inspiring imaginative play! 

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 'School's Out' for the purposes of the review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

It's the little things..Celebrating Success #PGRaisingOlympians

Boo didn't start talking until he was almost 3, I was really worried but reassured by the Health Visitor he would start talking when he was ready. Celebrating his first words involved masses of stickers and indulging him as he learnt to ask for 'another cake please'! Boo now barely stops to take a breath for all his talking, and his use of language can be quite amusing at times - "It would be a great honour if you would watch me run across the garden Granddad.." Boo has learnt to cheer on his little brother E, and where E is starting to chatter Boo is the first to shout 'Well done!' and in turn I hear myself congratulating both Boo and E!

Boo has just turned 4, and he has started to show a great interest in writing, his co-ordination has improved with time spent with just the two of us sat together for a few minutes with me writing his name, and him copying it out. I'm so proud of how hard he has worked! While I don't want to show you his handwriting (it shows his full name!), I am going to share this picture he drew for me of a Knight and his Horse which I have stuck in pride of place in our hall as I'm so proud of it as it's the most detailed drawing he has done to on his own to date. While the horse may only have two legs to me it is a masterpiece which has been celebrated with me sharing it with the world via this blog!

We also celebrated this masterpiece with extra bubbles in the bath and the promise of a swimming session tomorrow. Boo loves swimming and has really been enjoying watching the swimming events at the Olympics, do I have a future Olympian?? Who knows! I know I'll definitely be getting him to start  sailing as soon as he can swim! But whether he ends up swimming like Michael Phelps, sailing like Ben Ainslie or just continuing to draw me beautiful pictures of knights and castles, he'll always be my champion and every little success will be rewarded with plenty of hugs and lots of love.

Warner Bros. Ultra Violet Review.

Have you ever been out and about and wished you could pop on your child's favourite cartoon or perhaps your favourite film? With so much handheld technology available, it seems logical that access your favourite films and cartoons should be easy! Ultra Violet technology means that when you buy your favourite DVD or Blu-Ray you also get a code which enables you to register and access that film wherever you are via your laptop or hand held device, the best bit? It doesn't cost you any more! 

Is it easy? Well, Warner Bros. kindly sent us a copy of Speedy Gonzales and Porky Pig to review and try out Ultra Violet to see how we got on! 

Inside the DVD case there is a sheet which contains the special UV code.

Log onto the web address shown on the sheet and follow the steps, i've documented the journey in photos, using a copy of Bugs Bunny:

When you enter the web address shown on the sheet with your UV code it takes you to this screen, and asks you if you already have a flixster account, if you don't it's free and easy to register. Once you're logged in it will ask you to enter your unique digital code:

After entering your code..there it is in your account and ready to watch:

I was amazed at how simple it was to do, and how we could instantly watch the cartoons on the laptop (ideal while Mr G is watching the Olympics!). We'll definitely be using it while we're on holiday for keeping the children happy in the evening via Mr G's phone! One thing that crossed my mind was whether the system allows for subtitles? Having a profoundly deaf family member I wondered if they would miss out, but as long as the DVD/Blu-ray has the subtitle function it would appear that UV will support it.

I was delighted to be able to introduce the boys to Speedy Gonzales, and Boo in particular has been darting around the garden squealing catch phrases! Porky Pig has several black and white episodes so was slightly less popular, although Boo loved the humour! Our absolute favourite has been Speedy though, we have watched the DVD more times than I care to remember and no doubt the digital copy is going to be view a lot over the coming months! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous competition coming soon which will enable you to try out UV yourself!

Disclaimer: We received a copies of Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzales on DVD for the purposes of the review.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Spot Goes on Holiday!

I confess, I was a child of the eighties and remember fondly reading all about the cuddly Spot the dog! I loved his adventures and would constantly pester for books or later to be allowed to watch the cartoon on 'childrens telly' (this was in the time of the "broom cupboard" for those of you old enough to remember!).

When Abbey Home Media asked if we'd like to review a copy of the new DVD 'Spot Goes on Holiday' I was excited as I know the boys like animals and I wondered if they'd enjoy it as much as I used to! The episodes are short and colourful, but unfortunately Boo immediately decided that he was 'too old' (aged 4..) to watch the cartoon and instead discovered the stickers and colouring sheets and got to work with those! E on the other hand was delighted and clapped at the sight of Spot, he loves dogs at the best of times and the colourful fun content and the stories which are easy to follow. As a parent I like the way the episodes are quite calming to watch, and teach mostly about being kind and sharing, as well as more exciting things like what happens on a trip to the beach or circus! 

It is a lovely pack and ideal for the summer holidays, E loved it I would recommend it to keep any pre-school child busy over the summer holidays!

If you'd like the chance to win a copy Abbey Home Media have offered 5 copies as prizes! To enter all you need to do is follow the steps on Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the DVD for the purposes of the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Green People Organic Dry Skin Baby Lotion.

Green People products are one of my favourite skin care products to use for myself and both children, not only are they Organic but they are incredibly kind to even the most delicate skin. I was delighted to hear that they had won a Silver award from Bizziebaby for their Dry Skin baby lotion, and even more delighted when we were asked if we'd like to review it.

The lotion comes in a squeezy tube, and is light to apply. A little goes a long way, and even Boo's very dry knees became soft after the second post bath application! E's skin is very sensitive, and many baby lotions unfortunately irritate his skin, however we tried a bit on one leg, then another, and discovered it is gentle enough for his skin to cope with! Fragrance free, and ultra effective, I have to confess to using it myself! It is ideal for moisturising before I apply my perfume especially in this warm weather (no scent clashes!).

After a fiasco last year where I bought a normal children's sun cream and Boo had a terrible reaction, I have invested in some Green People Organic Sun Lotion. Boo enjoys putting it on especially if we squeeze it onto his tummy in the shape of number 4 (his age) and it's easy for him to rub in, which means half the battle is solved! It doesn't block pores so is ideal if you suffer with prickly heat (so not just for children!). It can be purchased from Waitrose, or online directly from Green People. If you have never ordered directly from Green People you can benefit from free delivery on your first order!

Disclaimer: We were sent a sample of Dry Skin Baby Lotion for the purposes of a review, all opinions are my own.