Saturday, 16 June 2012

What on earth should I do with Boo..

We didn't get our first choice primary school for Boo, and it has led to much thinking on my part of what we should do. We don't need to educate him until the term after he is 5, so that would be next September, although in reality with a little encouragement certainly he is ready to learn. I have thought long and hard about home education, I was educated at home for a large portion of my school life, so I know that all the things which worry most parents about home education are untrue - inability to socialise and inability to gain qualifications (I love socialising - always have, and i'm very well qualified to..). I am still undecided that school is a good decision, and especially after the meeting in the offered primary school which laid down their school policies.

 I am sat with my head spinning unable to decide what is or isn't a right decision. I was put off mostly by the statement that children shouldn't be allowed to read what they want. I believe that any reading should be encouraged even if it is a comic, I remember I used to love reading the local paper at a young age mostly because I had to have lots of help with the words from my parents! The school is incredibly religious, something else which leaves me uneasy, I want Boo to love his religion not despise every minute of it which I feel he might with their preaching rather than teaching. 

I have shed tears, and for the first time since bringing him home from hospital I can hear myself thinking..What on earth should I do with Boo.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Huggies Little Swimmers - my must have for Baby & toddler swimming!

I've written before about Huggies Little Swimmers and it seems appropriate to write about them again as we've started to take the boys for regular swimming sessions! E is 18months old, and not quite at the potty training stage, so I want to know that when we go swimming he's not going to have any leaks! The nappies are easy to put on with easy to adjust sides - they can be pulled on and adjusted if your little one is like mine and doesn't like laying down to have a nappy put on! They have bright pictures of Disney's Nemo and Winnie the Pooh characters which E loves, and he is happy to look at the design while I'm getting changed! I often thought as the boys got a bit older going swimming would be easier, but infact it poses its own new challenges - E will try to slip out from under the changing room door if I'm not looking! I keep a bath toy in my bag for when we go swimming, so it is something fresh to keep him entertained in the changing rooms!

Little Swimmers

Huggies Little Swimmers are running a special competition for Huggies Club members where you can win anything from a pedicure to 2-4-1 on a family day out! We tried the competition out and were delighted to win a free family swim, which we shall enjoy using next week! To enter, sign up to the free Huggies Club  which is full of helpful advice, competitions and even money off huggies nappies vouchers! Enter the details from your Huggies Little Swimmers when prompted, then you have to select an item from the paddling pool, something which E enjoyed helping me with - squeaking and pointing at the screen! So when you next grab some swim nappies and take the children for a swim why not take a lucky dip? Good Luck! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Huggies are sponsoring me to attend BritMums Live. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Run Baby Run..!

I stepped on the scales with my eyes closed and it took me several minutes to peek at them. I've had a challenging week, with all the Jubilee celebrations and a birthday party, there have been cakes and ice cream at every turn! I starred forlorn at a box of rather beautiful Krispy Kreme doughnuts which were being thrust in my general direction, and ended up indulging. So I'm not perfect and some of you will be shaking your head thinking 'well she'll never lose weight that way!' and in while you're entirely correct, I'm also aware that by allowing myself that doughnut, I didn't indulge in another one or anything else which could be deemed "naughty". Let's face it I probably chose the most naughty thing on offer.. 340calories in that little doughnut.. so 90 over my allowed weekly splurge! But 90 calories isn't that many to burn if you're walking or running...

 In the gym I made sure I put in an extra effort, and getting my programme adjusted I was amazed at how much more I can now do! Unfortunately I have found I'm nursing an injury post gym, and I'm sat here typing while feeling very sorry for myself. I'm going to limit myself to none weight bearing exercise this week and see how things are before trying to ease myself back into it. I'm happy to focus on my swimming, but disappointed as I've developed the running bug and was planning on entering myself for a 5k. Still,  as I've said all along my route to fitness is a marathon and not a race so the 5k will come just not right now.

Cherry (my Jenny Craig Consultant) has been really positive, and I've said I'm aiming to give myself weekly goals. Last week I found writing down my planned exercise and promise to eat each meal, ensured I did it as I didn't want to let myself down! So I'm sticking with that tactic! When we go out I'm also going to start packing a salad, if I know it's with me I'll hopefully be able  to avoid the urge to eat a plate of chips! The Jenny Craig noodle pots and of course their snacks are fabulous for eating on the go to and I one of the big advantages of having your diet food delivered is that all the snacks and easy food arrive but are still calorie controlled - no risk of a stray chocolate bar! It's all about being more organised though!

Last week I was smiling to be able to fit in a top which had once been to small, this week I can fit in a pair of jeans which I didn't think I would be wearing again for months! I've only lost 1 1/2lbs - so the weight I gained last week! But, mentally I've moved forward again, and I'm ploughing forwards, being able to refuse a slice of cake offered to me yesterday made me happy, Boo was also happy as he got an extra slice!!