Friday, 25 May 2012

Fathers Day Gift ideas from Prezzy Box!

Fathers Day is approaching fast, and Prezzy Box have an extra special range of gifts for Dads! They sent us two gift ideas to review, and Mr G was keen to give his opinions!

Dear Dad - From You to Me Journal, is a lovely idea offering the opportunity to get your Dad to fill in aspects of his life which you'd like to know about, but perhaps have never thought to ask and preserving it for future generations.

The opening page enables you to personalise the introduction. I love the  "People say we have at least one book in us.." it's true, and I know I love reading autobiographies, so this is the ideal gift for me to give!

Mr G wasn't as excited with the book as I was, he loved that there was plenty of room to write and the general idea of the book, but admitted that he would probably never get round to filling the book in. My Dad thought the book was lovely, and said he would fill it in, and I really hope he does, although I fear I'll find it an emotional read!

We were also sent a First Class Dad Porcelain Mug, which I think is a lovely gift for this year when we're celebrating the Diamond Jubilee! My Dad is certainly First Class!!

Image from

Arriving in a simple cardboard box with a photo label on it, the simplicity of this gift is key! The mug is slightly smaller than a standard mug, but big enough for a decent mug of tea or coffee! Mr G was delighted with it, and has been using it ever since it arrived! From the few minutes I have been allowed possession of it, I can tell you it does feel really nice when you're holding it!

Whether you're after something sentimental or amusing this Fathers Day, check out Prezzy Box!

Disclaimer: We received the items free of charge for the purposes of the review, all views are my own honest opinions based on my experience of the products.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Rabbit Reviews! - Monster Pet Supplies

Nibbles the Rabbit was asked if she'd like to review for Monster Pet Supplies, now obviously she can't reply herself, but Boo did ask her and she wiggled her nose in a sort of "yes" way so we told the people at Monster that she'd love to! 

The delivery arrived in a big box and Boo excitedly took charge of opening it! We received a bag of Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food, Supreme Tumblefresh Bedding, and a packet of Supreme "Donuts" Rabbit treats!

The Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food, aims to prevent picky eating and ensures a well balanced diet. The food itself is clean and there's not lots of bits which end up everywhere! 

Nibbles was a little bit unsure at first, but seemed to quite enjoy it leaving her normal food to eat it instead! (It's suggested that you introduce new foods slowly.) We did notice that Nibbles began to drink quite a lot more on the Supreme Science Selective Food, but she was eating the entire feed rather than just picking her way through it! 

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food.

The Supreme Tumblefresh Bedding, is a strange to look at:

But it is a great alternative to sawdust, incredibly absorbent and softer than many sawdust products available, it was easy to clean out of the hutch and appeared to reduce the number of nasty smells! But don't take my word for it, pictures speak louder than words and Nibbles is clearly keen to get it in her hutch:

Nibbles trying to drag TumbleFresh bedding into her hutch!

The Supreme rabbit treats come in a bright red bag and are shaped as mini doughnuts, they looked very appealing and in fact I had to explain to Boo that no he couldn't try them, on more than one occasion! Nibbles was unfortunately not as impressed and would only eat the yellow donuts which was unfortunate as there were only a few of those in the bag!

Nibbles would like to thank Monster Pet Supplies for allowing her to review these products! Monster Pet Supplies offer free Delivery on orders over £59, check out their Facebook Page for the latest special offers available! 

Disclaimer: We received the products free of charge for the purposes of the review.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Weight loss Journey continues with Jenny Craig!

I've had a strange week, another two dinners with friends leading me to fear that I'd pile on weight especially as there was a distinct lack of any sort of vegetable at both! I tried to really stay focused and not allow myself to over eat, but I'm not going to lie, I ate half a desert! Interestingly I felt both pleased with myself for allowing myself half the desert I wanted but also found myself questioning why I'd had it at all as I felt a bit sick! I'm still loving eating breakfast, and really make time to enjoy it! 

Yoghurt coated Wheat Flakes! Yum!

I'm still pushing my exercise, I'm trying to swim 4 or 5 times a week and gym it 3 or 4 times to! I think that is making a huge difference to helping me really stick to Jenny Craig! The house has never looked so clean as I keep hoovering with the music turned up loud as I discovered it burns loads of calories - so you don't need to go to the gym!! My body shape is altering very slowly, but profoundly, I suddenly feel very self-concious again as my tummy appears to be like a big blob glued on to my torso - in reality it is no bigger but the rest of me is now a bit smaller - I'm no longer rocking the Humpty Dumpty look! Although I'm starting to look slimmer, I am uncomfortable with my new shape, and realise that this is what always prevents me from moving forward with my weight loss - it's easier to pile the weight back on and accept that I'm fat, than to struggle through this stage and be able to rid myself of the tummy altogether! (Hey I never said I was rational, I'm just being honest!).  

I've spoken about my fears with Cherry (my Jenny Craig Consultant) and she has been really supportive, explaining that I need to ensure I really hydrate myself, so I'm going to start carrying a bottle of water again! We also talked about making sure I'm using my abdominal muscles so I'm really focusing on the area of my body I'm unhappy with! The bit you've all been waiting to know..what did the scales say?? I've lost 3 1/2lbs!!!!! So, I'm a step closer towards my goal and although I've got a long way to go, I'm definitely travelling hopefully!

Disclaimer: I'm receiving a 2 week free trial of Jenny Craig for the purposes of the review, however all thoughts and experiences are my own honest opinions of the diet.