Thursday, 12 April 2012

Horrid Henry: The Purple Hand Gang Rules OK! DVD Review and Giveaway!

I have to confess to rather liking the Horrid Henry cartoons, and singing along to the NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH part of the theme tune.. In the New Horrid Henry DVD, the theme tune has had something of a revamp and is slightly more grown up and certainly less annoying, so no more singing it at the top of my voice then, instead Boo is singing the new version very tunefully!

We love watching Henry striving to find the easy way to get things done, and it reminds me of the Beano comics I used to read as a child! Henry gets up to all sorts of antics, and there is plenty of adventure! I found Boo enjoyed it without getting too over excited, which with the older episodes he seemed to!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 5 copies of the DVD to readers of my blog who enter the following competition, just follow the simple steps on Rafflecopter below:

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Adventures..did we find the Gruffalo?

This was a special Easter Weekend for us, as Mr G had the entire 4 day weekend off, something which I can't remember happening before! We had excitedly made ambitious plans to redesign the garden, redecorate the house and venture out to the beach and on one of the National Trust Easter Egg trails! Of course the weather forecast was wretched, but we managed a day of glorious sunshine at the beach. The beach provided much needed Daddy and boys time, and gave me the chance to relax watching them (mostly) happily playing!

Easter Monday, we checked the National Trust site, and our chosen trail page had altered slightly - it was showing the wrong postcode, but was still there and didn't show any sign of cancellation. So we jumped in the car and drove to Foxbury (Nr Bramshaw in the New Forest), to be greeted with a sign stuck to a tree saying 'Easter Event Cancelled'. At which point Boo started to cry and Mr G got out to read the entire notice. A lovely lady from the NT spoke to Mr G, and told us where the next nearest event was, but was understanding that we especially wanted to do this one as it allowed the boys to run about letting off lots of steam.

Having dealt with the tears and frustrations of a disheartened 3year old. We decided that we would make sure we had a great afternoon anyway, and after lunch Boo suggested we go and look for the we did just that..

We ventured up a woodland path..

and searched in the apparently Gruffalo's like mud..

We followed tracks..surely they must lead to the Gruffalo?!

Well..we didn't discover the Gruffalo.. but we did discover a muddy puddle..

and if you look closely (very closely as I took a rubbish photograph!) you'll see that this muddy puddle was full of tadpoles!
We had great fun watching the tadpoles and talking to Boo about what will happen to them next! We're going to venture back next weekend to see if they're still there and if they've grown legs yet! 

How was your Easter weekend?


Jenny Craig week 2..and the final weigh in.

I confess, I slightly fell off the waggon over the weekend, the temptation of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns was too much and I enjoyed them rather too frequently. I feel as though I'm almost left with a food hangover, and just the sight of the chocolate lurking in the cupboard is making me feel a bit ill! 

How have I done this week?
I have lost 1lb this week, and I'm very pleased under the circumstances, although I fear my over indulgence will catch up on me later in the week! So in two weeks I have lost 6lbs, and learnt alot about how much I should be eating and how often. I've learnt I need to not let myself get hungry to avoid over eating, and that I can control what I eat without being hungry! I will try to ensure I make time to eat, and eat slower! As well as choosing things like tomatoes to snack on instead of my usual bar of chocolate! I will update again next week, to see how I'm getting on post Jenny Craig! 

Would I recommend the Jenny Craig Diet?

I think the Jenny Craig diet is great for allowing you to gain control over your eating very quickly! It takes the strain out of thinking about what to eat and what is healthy to eat, and the food is discreetly packaged so you can take it to work without everyone knowing you're on a diet! If you're unsure where to start with your diet, or are a busy Mum like me, having your diet food delivered to the door and not having to spend hours preparing really does help you focus on your weight loss! I would recommend making sure before you start that you buy in plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as diet drinks and sugar free chewing gum for when you need something sweet. I found pinning the menu for the week up on the kitchen wall really helpful as it avoided moments when I wanted to eat something, but didn't know what to eat so grabbed anything! 

Jenny Craig have got a special offer on at the moment where you can try the diet for two weeks for 50% off, so you can see for yourself how well you can do!

 Disclaimer: I received a two week trial free of charge in return for blogging about my own honest experience on the Jenny Craig diet.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What happens in Huggies stays in Huggies!

Have you seen the delightful new Huggies advert featuring two gorgeous babies babbling? Just incase you missed it here it is:


Huggies have added DryLock to their Nappies, to make them even more well..super! Are they really any better I hear you cry! Yes! Since drylock has been introduced, we've discovered that we don't need to buy a bigger size of nappies! I used to buy the size bigger than we needed to avoid having to do overnight nappy changes and avoid a soggy baby! Now we can buy the correct sized nappy and still be happy in the knowledge that we'll have a dry baby all night long! So what happens in Huggies really does stay in Huggies! We're really impressed with the great soft elastic fit around the legs and waist, really trapping everything in, ideal for my lively toddler!

You can follow the adventures of Alfie the baby and keep upto date with all the latest products and information from Huggies on twitter! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Hi-Tec National Trust Altitude IV Walking Boots

I took up walking last summer, as a means to losing some baby weight while not feeling like I was actually exercising! I have to confess I was horrified how unfit I had become, and I struggled to walk up even slight inclines without getting out of breath! Mr G is a keen walker, and this kept me motivated, as it was something we could do together, taking in breath taking views and even with the boys in tow with the aid of a baby carrier!

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Hi-Tec National Trust Altitude IV walking boots to review, these boots have been designed with their environmental impact taken into consideration, while maintaining all the performance you would expect from a high performance walking boot. When the boots arrived, I instantly noticed that they are lightweight for a walking boot, certainly lighter than my current pair! The soles are substantial, the inners are well padded and the tops around the ankles are designed to offer maximum support and comfort - ideal for walking across very uneven terrain. I initially tested the boots out during the snow at the start of February, I took the opportunity to test how they perform in icy conditions and while I could only walk locally, I did find that the soles gripped well and it instantly gave me confidence in my new boots!

I have quite narrow feet, but I was well supported by the boots and the lacing enabled me to get them to fit perfectly. Comfort wise, I find the boots very comfortable, a great combination of support and cushioning meant I'm happy to walk that bit further, in the knowledge my feet will still be comfy when I get home! I have jumped in puddles and walked until I was ridiculously hot, but my feet have remained dry and comfortable! Best of all, when I scuff them and they start to look like they might be 'tired' a good clean brings them up like new again! The next challenge they're helping me achieve? Walking up Snowdonia this summer!