Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Land Of Sometimes

The Land Of Sometimes, is quite literally a musical adventure! It combines a story with music to take the listener on a magical adventure.The music is integral to the story, and really it is a modern day operetta, I wonder if it will take to the stage one day? I certainly hope so! I might tweet them and ask - you can follow them on twitter via @landofsometimes

If you worry that your little one doesn't use their imagination enough, or if you really enjoy to see them stimulated to imagine a scene, or simply if you want a great story you need to get the a copy of The Land of Sometimes! The language is highly descriptive, and whether describing people or places, enables you to close your eyes and visualise the scene. The music really makes the story by adding atmosphere and creating a mood for each part of the story. Our favourite has to be the Ballad of the River Slouch Sling, I asked how the song made Boo feel, and he said "Huge, Heavy and lazy" which I would say is a fair description of the creature! He thought some of the words were a bit funny, and giggled a fair bit!

The entire cd is fabulous, and there is something for boys and girls, from slimey creatures to naughty fairies!

The story tellers voice is quite something isn't it? Certainly his voice captivates us! 

There are plenty of of activities on the Land of Sometime website, which include activities for all ages - from colouring your favourite characters to downloading the map of the island (and colouring it to!). 

We have been totally captivated by the Land of Sometimes, it has encouraged Boo to use descriptive language and to talk about how music makes him feel, as well as providing a great introduction into different genres of music! Boo is 3 1/2 and loves it, my 8year old niece is equally keen, and I must confess I've had a sneaky listen when the boys are in bed so I can enjoy it all by myself!

Land of Sometime is available to buy now priced at £8.99 at Amazon! 

You can follow Land of Sometime on twitter or Facebook.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Knights of Honour!

Last year after a trip to the car boot sale, I found myself struggling home with a fabulous wooden castle. We have been gradually adding to the castle, by looking out for knights and dragons (as well as a getting a few bits for Christmas!). Yesterday was by far the largest Car boot of the year so far, the sunshine really encouraged both buyers and sellers to come out! Mr G was in fine spirits and located these:

They're Papo knights, and apart from the obvious lack of arms/sword of the yellow knight they're in great condition. Boo was delighted with these, especially as the lady explained that the armless knight had been in a fearsome battle which had resulted in his missing limbs! At £1.50 for both we were delighted! 

I also treated myself to some additions to my summer wardrobe, a great summer dress and a beautiful Fat Face top which is so flattering across the neckline, I feel 10years younger! Photos to follow!

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Ogres and Interfering - Should I be raising sausages?

Is it just me who finds it incredibly annoying when someone without children themselves, decides to impart their opinions on you on how to raise your children? Even when you have politely nodded and made it quite clear that you have no interest in actually taking their advice, they continue to preach their ideas of providing the perfect upbringing..why is it that they think they know my children better than I do? What qualifies them to attempt to make me feel inadequate as a parent just because they believe they know what I should be doing to control every tantrum or avoid food being flung off the high chair and I clearly don't..well.. judging by the piece of half chewed banana I have just removed from my shoulder maybe they have a has been a long day!

I have strong opinions on how I want the boys to behave, and I expect them to be polite, I have no fear to take toys away or stop outings if they're rude, admittedly I don't enforce this rule on E yet, as he's only 1.. but you get the idea? That makes me sound horrible doesn't it? Like I'm some sort of ogre! But I just want them to learn to say please and thank you, and not to push or throw things around, is that wrong? 

The last months, I have continually been criticised by a woman (not a mother) who thinks she knows it all. While in reality, we all (including her) know that if she knew everything about how to be the perfect parent, she'd be a millionaire, I still find her criticism challenging. It's tough making decisions for yourself sometimes, and I find it even harder to make decisions for the boys, I sometimes can't help but wonder if I'm making the right choice? What if I get it wrong?! Will they grow up hating me because I made them sit nicely while we're out having tea?! I don't tend to really care what other people think, but the months and months of criticism are starting to wear me down, and I have started to wonder if I'm wrong? Are the battles to sit down while eating and to eat nicely, and not throw things at our friends "wrong"? Should I allow Boo to "express himself" by launching parsnips from his plate wherever he feels or stamp on my daffodils as they are not his favourite flower? I encourage Boo to think for himself, and have opinions, but he still needs guidance on how and when to express these opinions, he's not even 4 yet! I let him run riot with paint and toys, but basic manners are something I can't turn a blind eye to.

Of course, in reality, I know that my sons will be raised in the manner I decide, and as long as they are polite, healthy and happy I will know I've done a good job. I wish I had all the parenting answers, especially ones surrounding how to avoid tantrums as let's face it no parent enjoys them! But if our children didn't have tantrums, then surely we'd be raising sausages and not independent thinkers?