Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dogs that Climb!

 I come from a very pet friendly family, and have always grown up around animals, it's something my boys are getting used to already thanks to a little help from my black Labrador! Welly has a great obsession with apples, and especially enjoys taking apples straight from the tree! When she was younger she would climb the lower branches of my parents apple tree and stretch up to steal the ripe apples which were on the higher branches! Yes, believe it or not, my Labrador used to climb (or should I say try to!) trees, and it was this that made me thankful we had pet insurance!

When she was about 18months old, Welly decided to clamber up onto the lowest branches of a friends apple tree, and unfortunately the tree which was rather spindly wouldn't take her weight. As she stretched to reach a nice juicy apple she came crashing down to the ground with a yelp. Everyone laughed, as it was a fairly funny seeing her trying to clamber up let alone the fuss she made as she came crashing down but the yelp made me realise she was hurt. Unfortunately, as the tree broke she had managed to impale her back leg and I instantly knew we'd need a trip to the vet. In case you've never had to carry a fully grown Labrador, imagine carrying a giant sack of potatoes which can wriggle! Luckily, there was no major damage was done, but she still needed a general anaesthetic, x-rays, multiple stitches and anti-biotics. Oh yes and a return visit to have the stitches re-done when our other dog decided to help her take the first lot out.. Eventually her leg healed and all she is left with is a 3 inch scar and a bald patch on her leg, she's a lucky girl! She's 7 now, and still loves apples but luckily no longer attempts tree climbing! It just goes to show, you can never tell what might happen when you're a pet owner!

Love2Read Personalised Picture Books

Are you looking for a special gift for your Mum or Grandma? Or perhaps you just want a special book to read together? How about a personalised picture book from Love2Read?

Love2Read offer books to inspire your child to read by adding the familiarity of family photos to your very own special book with easy to read phrases which will help you child learn to read. "My Mummy" starts with the prefix 'My Mummy...' but then you can add your choice of phrase, so if you have a photo which clearly shouts 'My Mummy loves chocolate' you can add it! There is also 'My Mum', 'Our Mum', and 'Our Mummy' in the series as well as a variety of other titles including my favourite My Hero!

The keywords of the books are based on 'High Frequency' words which children are expected to be able to read by the end of their first year at school, so offer you the chance to really boost your child's literacy in an easy and fun way! If you want one in time for Mothers Day UK orders are being accepted until the 13th March for delivery in time for the special day!

Love2Read have offered one reader the chance to win their own personalised book! Just follow the easy steps on the widget below: