Saturday, 18 February 2012

Re-invent your wardrobe with help from Dylon!

Claire from Bottle PR set a few bloggers a challenge, to transform some of their unworn wardrobe treasures with a little help from Dylon! I peered in my wardrobe and quite frankly was horrified at how many unworn clothes I have! Even after last summers dramatic declutter, I still am a hoarder and collector of all things clothing! 

I was sent Bahama Blue and Goldfish Orange to try, I'd ask for bright colours as they're very on trend and I'm hoping to enjoy lots of colour this summer! I chose a selection of clothes to dye, including a cardigan and boys shirt that still had the tags on..I'd forgotten I even had them! Please forgive the crumpled state that they're in, but they don't need to be nicely pressed in order to dye them:

I made the mistake of only half reading the packet, and not making the clothes damp before I loaded them into the washing machine on top of the packet of dye and 500g of salt, this resulted in me getting dye all over a variety of other things..but no damage done just a bit of mess to clean up and an extra item to add to the dye! (Mental note, always read the instructions before you start to use something!) Peering in the machine after the initial wash, i resisted pulling the clothes out and followed the instructions to wash the clothes at 40c again.

I must admit I was very pleased with the results:

The cardigan I am particularly happy with as I will be able to wear it all summer with a white vest or over my white sun dress! I love it! I'd have never thought of dying things before, but I think this is the start of a new obsession! I have already reinvented our bathroom by using Dylon on the cotton bath mat!
Watch out for further posts!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Giveaway & Review!

Boo has recently expressed an interest in dinosaurs, and he carries his two plastic dinosaurs around taking them on various adventures (admittedly most of the time they are used as dragons who 'defend' his castle!). So imagine the excitement when we were sent a copy of the new Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Double DVD!

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Harry's colourful adventures with his dinosaurs had us laughing and cheering as we watched the DVD's one after the other! I like the fact that not only are the great entertainment full of excitement they also have a bit of a moral to them, and teach the importance of basic manners in a way Boo found easy to empathise with. 
Boo's favourite episode had to be 'Ive got the giggles' he joined in the contagious giggles and really enjoyed the adventure to find the Princesses lost smile!

To win 1 of 5 copies follow the instructions on the widget hiding below:

Monday, 13 February 2012

Say cheese!!!! - Magpie Monday!

I have been having withdrawl symptoms, I haven't been hunting through the treasure trove of charity shops or even been to a carboot sale (although that was mostly as I believed they weren't on until Easter!).
On Sunday, we braved the bracing wind and icey roads to go on a outing, on the way to our destination we passed the venue of our local carboot and I screeched 
"Stooooooooop!!!!!!!" There were only about 10 cars, and only Boo and I braved the cold to investigate! Initially I looked on disappointed as it all seemed to be things being cleared from Christmas, with the odd baby related item thrown in for good measure. Just as we were leaving I noticed a box of old books, and hidden in the box was:

The condition isn't great, the strap is missing and the paper label from the bottom is torn, but the mechanism works, the pictures can be seen clearly and they are so kitsch! I've proudly added it to the growing collection of vintage Fisher Price toys I've been collecting! For 50pence it has provided a huge amount of entertainment already!

Happy 1st Birthday to #MagpieMonday! Check out all the other second-hand finds at Me and my Shadow!

Can't sleep, won't sleep?

I have become accustomed to sleep. The boys have been sleeping well for months, with the exception of early waking the night has been peaceful and I've not been disturbed over night. This is in stark contrast to the first 20months with just Boo, he would wake reliably at 2.30am, and we'd spend the next 45minutes settling him for him to then get up at 5am..they were long days and I was a zombie! We never complained about it to anyone, accepting it was part of parent hood, but I realise now some people have more success with their child sleeping and some have less! I used to sit and listen to one 'friend' in particular who would spend our weekly catch up complaining that her baby didn't sleep..( turned out her baby actually went to bed at 9pm, got up at 7am..) and she would constantly add the words 'You have no idea what it feels like to have your child refuse to sleep'. Did I feel like bashing my head on the table? Yes!

 Over the last few weeks, E has started to wake at about 1am and cry so much that he wakes Boo up. Boo is very good natured and after a drink and trip to the loo he settles back to sleep, E is more determined he'll continue screeching until he is exhausted and falls asleep. Last night after carrying him and trying to calm him for 10minutes, I resorted to letting him cry in his cot for 2 or 3 minutes (more than anything as I needed to calm myself down as sobbing Mummy isn't the best way to calm baby!) and he fell asleep before I could pick him up again. As I'm sitting here writing this and watching him chewing on a piece of toast, it occurs to me that he is probably teething his big teeth. I wonder if a dose of calpol before bed may be the solution to a sound nights sleep? 

So hands up, who else is still having a broken nights sleep and do you have any tips to keep going even though you're shattered?

I have no useful tips other than..fresh air makes everything seem better!