Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Could you Sponsor Me to attend Cybher 2012?

Cyberher 2012 promises to be an amazing conference, a meeting of minds with bloggers of every genre in attendance! A great opportunity too perhaps for any brands who get a blogger to attend on their behalf..Ok.. yes.. I confess.. I'd really like a sponsor and I'm willing to work for it! 

Why do I want to attend?

To gain ideas and skills on how to better write my blog and promote it more effectively. To meet some of the many people I talk to via twitter everyday who essentially keep me blogging as I want to share my experiences with them!

Why should you sponsor me?

Perhaps I've worked with you before? Perhaps you have just stumbled across my blog today and are reading it with (i hope!) some interest? Either way, I work in as professional manner I can with two small children bouncing on my knee as I type and I hope this comes across to you as you read! If you sponsor me to attend Cyberher12 I will ensure I promote your brand in a positive manner via my blog and twitter, and by agreement I might like to work with you for the entirety of 2012!

What do I mean by 'Sponsorship'?

Ideally, I'm looking for the cost of the ticket to Cybher12, train or coach travel and a small contribution towards expenses...(I confess to a very bad tea and coffee habit..)

What do you get in return?

Contact me for further details!

mrsgoriami @

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cosy Tea Review & Giveaway!!

I was delighted to receive a case of cosy tea! I love a good cup of tea, and I have to confess I was a huge fan of Cosy's Peppermint tea in the last few months of being pregnant, so being able to try the entire range made me very excited!

Cosy Tea is organic tea, and is approved by the vegetarian society. They aim to make you feel cosy while enjoying your cuppa, even the packets are cleverly designed each picturing a different knit - they're keeping the tea cosy too you see!

I started by testing the Jasmine Green Tea, I've never tried any green tea and was delighted with the delicate colour of the tea, the aroma didn't excite me quite as much but the taste was equisite! It is slightly floral, but in a subtle way which made me want to drink cup after cup!

I instantly fell in love with the Breakfast Tea, it gave such a pure cup of tea, it looked really inviting while the tea bag was still sat in the cup! I could really taste the difference between Cosy Tea and our usual brand of tea bag (which is also a Breakfast Tea!). I enjoyed all the teas, I had no idea that I could enjoy 'different' teas quite so much!

But without doubt the Blueberry and Echinacea Tea has to be the most amazing of the selection, it is divine and I am refusing to share it with anyone else! In the cup it is a superb deep purple colour, it smells highly fruity and tastes fruity but not over sweet. I'm also hoping that the echinacea might help me ward off some bugs too!

The lovely people at Cosy Tea have offered a set of tea to two winners in a special competition follow the steps on the widget..

This contest is now closed the winners have been contacted and were:

Entry #998Andrew C.
Entry #403Claire T.

I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that winners do not reply within 72hours 
Winners will be selected at random
Contest Closes on 28/02/12
Only one entry per person. 
Only entrants who complete all required entry steps will be eligible to win.
Only one prize per household.
Winners details will be passed onto Cosy Tea for prizes to be dispatched.
Sorry, this competition is only open to UK residents

Monday, 6 February 2012

Mummy Pampering with Fruitworks Water Melon & Pink Grapefruit..

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and it's that time of year when I start to think about making myself look gorgeous once again whilst I contemplating packing the thermals away..OK, maybe I won't be rushing to put them away this year! Since becoming a Mummy, my time for pampering which was once a weekly several hours spent in the bathroom has now become a distant memory, I just never seem to have the time! 

I was delighted to be sent some Fruit works products to try, and of course help me on my quest to making me feel gorgeous in time for Valentine's day!

The Watermelon and Pink Grapefruit fragrance really does smell good enough to eat! I haven't used any fruity products since I was in my late teens, and I have to confess to being doubtful as to whether I would like the scent on my skin now. In fact, I was delighted by the fresh fruity fragrance, it left me feeling invigorated and feminine!

The body scrub made me feel like I was really achieving smooth skin, without being too harsh or drying my skin out! The end result was super smooth skin which had taken literally seconds to achieve!

The soap comes in a handy travel tin, so you need never be without it wherever you go! The scent wasn't overpowering, so I was able to use it liberally and still apply my favourite perfume!

The body lotion comes in a handy pump dispenser, great for applying while in a hurry! This is a fabulous light lotion which absorbs quickly and works really well even on dry patches! The scent of the lotion is longer lasting than the other products and I really love the citrus twang, it makes me feel like summer is almost here!
Whether you're treating yourself or treating a friend or loved one, I'd definitely recommend Fruit works! 
Have a look at the entire range or maybe even treat yourself: Shop Fruit Works!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I received the products free of charge to sample, however all views expressed are my own honest opinions.