Friday, 27 January 2012

Toddler biting..Ow! Elvis Bit me!

Boo and Elvis have become quite fond of each other, and have started to have a cuddle mid-morning in between the daily squabbles of who was playing with which car first. Both Elvis and Boo are incredibly strong willed, and while Elvis is still much smaller than Boo, he isn't afraid to argue with Boo if he believes he has more right to a argue I do of course mean with a series of shouts and angry waving of arms! But it mostly seems to end in a good natured cuddle and they carry on playing.

Yesterday, they were unusually quiet, sat cuddled on the floor while watching a cartoon Elvis gave Boo a kiss and wrapped his arms tightly around Boo - all seemed blissful. Suddenly Boo let out an ear piercing scream, Elvis had given him a nibble and left quite a nasty bruise. Trying to explain to Boo that it wasn't meant to hurt him, Elvis had merely got carried away with his new teeth hasn't been a fun exercise. Boo only bit when he was having tantrums, and got told off very firmly on more than one occasion, so he knows biting is naughty. Elvis I spoke to and said he mustn't bite, but even though I spoke in our 'firm' tone, he still just grinned and carried on happily, I wonder how many more friendly nibbles Elvis will try to share over the next months? 

I thought it'd be easy to deal with problems second time around, having experienced a toddler once, but in fact, they are new problems! And I never expected that the little one would be hurting the big one! I wonder what new challenges the boys will present me with today!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hi, I'm Mrs Doughball and I have an Underactive Thyroid..

I used to look out on days as cold and damp as today and want to hide my head under the duvet, it wasn't uncommon that I'd even go to bed virtually fully clothed in an attempt to keep warm. Studying was a nightmare, at University I was continually being cautioned against burning both ends of the candle..even when I was having early nights I was still exhausted. I found concentrating difficult, and where I'd previously been able to rapidly learn anything, I now found myself having to revise for hours. I can remember visiting my Mother a year before Boo was born and falling asleep while talking to her, she was less than amused and shook me awake exclaiming she couldn't believe she had such a lazy child! As for my weight, that suddenly became a battle, I had never needed to diet I was fit and active maintaining a size 12 easily, but suddenly..the weight crept on. I assumed it was all part of growing old!

I was diagnosed with an Under active Thyroid, 3 months after giving birth to Boo. Initially the Doctors had been convinced I was suffering from depression following a rather traumatic birth, but there were distinct physical symptoms which I had been suffering from for at least 3years which made me think there was maybe a little more to this. So, I went back and forth to the Doctor, in effect trying to prove I didn't need or want anti-depressants. I think they thought I was an attention seeker. In fact, no one took me too seriously until an episode while we were away on holiday which I later described  to my GP as pain in my stomach similar to that felt at the height of labour. At this point they decided to run a series of blood tests, to see if we could establish the cause. I can remember getting the phone call from my GP, and her explaining that my thyroid levels were 'well below normal' and that while this is not uncommon in many women after pregnancy but my levels were so low I would now be on medication for the rest of my life. My initial reaction to this news was actually laughter, it was a combination of amazement and relief that there was something physically wrong with me which could be treated. 

Almost four years since being diagnosed, I'm struggling again. My levels are supposedly within the normal range, but I'm struggling. I feel as though I could sleep for a month, and at night I am so hot..seriously it's as though I'm in a sauna! It's depressing! Trying to explain it is even worse! When you try to explain to people why you don't want to meet for coffee as you feel exhausted they exclaim 'Well that's small children for you!', my response via this post is yes..I understand how tiring having small children is..that's how I feel when my thyroid is doing what is supposed to! Currently, it is playing up..and i feel as though I am a big ball of dough..yes..that is exactly how I feel..Doughy! So what to do? Perhaps I am not ill? Perhaps I am stressed? Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and it'll be ok? Maybe?? Hmm, maybe I'll see a different GP!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Wonderful Windermere..

We Goriami's like an adventure, whenever we get a day with all of us together we like to get out, whether it be clambering through the woodland or paddling at the seaside, we're always out and about somewhere! Last week, we managed a short break away, this is the first of I hope many in 2012!
The last time I visited Windermere with Mr G, I was 11weeks pregnant with Boo. I remember feeling absolutely exhausted all the time, and feeling constantly hungry but terribly nauseous! We walked down from the near the station to the Lake at Bowness, and jumped on a boat to have a romantic lunch at ended up being a drink and something strange from the menu..hey I was pregnant! Of course, when we got back to Bowness, we had to walk that long walk back to Windermere..and it is up hill all the way. I wasn't terribly fit anyway, but I can remember just wanting to lay down on the pavement and cry!

All Rights Reserved Goriami Family 2012

Returning to Windermere this time with our two boys in tow, Mr G and I decided that we'd not inflict the walk on them, and instead we laughed at how and why we had decided to walk it while I was pregnant! We took them on the same boat journey we'd taken, but instead of attempting a romantic meal, we settled for hot chocolate and shortbread. We'd arrived in sunshine marred only by the exceptionally strong winds, however the weather turned and rapidly we were sheltering from heavy hail! Boo was delighted by the hail, I'm not sure he'd ever seen it before? He found the dark clouds hovering mysteriously above us exciting and as the tiny white balls of hail pelted against the pavement he squealed with delight! I had to stop myself from giggling as some young Japanese tourists crouched down on the pavement to take photos and tentatively touched the little icy balls! 

Dramatic View from the shelter!

To be honest, Elvis was too little to care much about anything, and with the exception of getting excited when he ate his toast, he slept for most of our visit, wrapped up cosy in his snow suit I can't say I blamed him! The wind was icy cold, and I was glad that I had ignored Boo's demands to leave his hat in the car, as he was delighted to pull it down over his ears when we got off the boat! I almost feel you need to see Windermere in winter to really appreciate how immense and wonderful it really is without the lush green background of spring or summer.

Boo & Mr G, checking out the shoreline!