Friday, 13 January 2012

Le Toy Van at The Wooden Toy Shop!

When I stumbled upon Le Toy Van via the Wooden Toy shop I knew that their Road Work Set was just what I was looking for! Boo has been slightly obsessed with all things building related for quite a while, if it is big, yellow and noisy he generally loves it! There are so many building related toys to chose from, and most offer 'realistic noises' (to drive parents insane). I wanted to find something Boo would have hours of play value from, and really encourage him to play imaginatively.

Le Toy Van Roadwork Set

Le Toy Van offer a variety of wooden toys to really inspire your child, there is something about that which makes a child instantly want to hold them and manoeuvre them. Boo took a minute or two to assess whether the Roadwork set made any noises, and declared maybe it was broken? We sat down and explained that this was a special set, it made any noise that he wanted it to..with that there was great delight and he set about digging up our sitting room and making a variety of noises to compliment his play! 

The set comprises of a van, trailer, mini digger, cement mixer and a variety of signs.  There is a real attention to detail - the wheels have rubber tread, and there is mud painted onto the mudflaps of the van and trailer so it really does look like it has been busy digging up! Boo loves hiding bits under the bonnet of the van which lifts up to reveal a nice place to store treasures! The signs have been really helpful for discussions on why we must watch out for signs while we're out and about, and the traffic lights have helped us start to talk about road safety. The cement mixer actually turns and Boo will instruct his builders to turn it for 'a long time to make it great cement' while the other men operate the digger! The set doesn't come with people, but most play figures do fit the set.

The Roadwork Set is one of the most played with toys we own, every day it is on a new adventure and it copes really well with being handled roughly! Why not have a look at the Wooden Toy Shop today to see the latest Le Toy Van sets, Boo has already got the fantastic London Bus on his Birthday list!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All views expressed are my own honest opinions.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Be in Cupcake Heaven with the Real Cup Cake Company!

The Real Cupcake Company were on the look out for people to review them, and I love a good cake so after a quick look at their website I knew this was something Boo and I would love!
The Real Cupcake Company offers you the chance to make perfect cupcakes easily at home, and most importantly they're dairy free! The  cupcake kits arrive via royal mail:

Inside our box we found 'Cake Batter', a handy instruction leaflet, a bag of icing, 2 icing bags, two icing nozzles and a small bag of treats to decorate! The only ingredient we needed to add was 2 eggs.

Boo set about mixing the cakes, I have to confess it was a lot easier just emptying the batter into the bowl and adding eggs - usually I have a battle with Boo trying to get him to stop adding extra flour or sugar! It was also fairly mess free - no flour to decorate the kitchen with!

Once mixed we distributed the mix equally between the cases, they were popped into the oven for 12minutes, and came out smelling divine! I could barely wait to start icing them!

Icing was easy to do, no mess - just cut the bag with the icing in and pop it into one of the icing bags and away you go! I used the icing straight from the fridge, so it was fairly hard to get the icing going - next time I'd probably get it out of the fridge 15minutes before I wanted to do the icing. The instruction leaflet gives you top tips on how to get great results! Now, I'm terrible at icing so I was actually very pleased with how well these came out:

Boo did the vital taste test, announcing that the icing tasted "Yummy like strawberry ice-cream!''. He continued eating the cake very quietly, and then declared that it was a great cake and he would "give it 10 out of 10 for yumminess!"

The Real Cupcake Company cupcake kits are available on line, they are delivered free of charge and would make a fantastic present! I must admit they kit was so easy to use I'm thinking of buying another one to make these gorgeous Strawberry and Champagne cupcakes for Mr G this Valentines Day!