Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Tree Stands

If you like us like a real tree, and have either small children, a lively cat or a mischievous dog you will know how important choosing the right Christmas tree stand is! We made the mistake of opting for a cheap stand then instantly regretting it after Boo yanked at the tree and 'snap' down it came..luckily he was highly amused (as it didn't land on him!) but it made us rethink! Last year we decided to invest in a Cinco Christmas Tree holder.
It was a bit more expensive than I'd wanted to pay, but as you can see it is really sturdy:

In the base is a spike which the tree sits on, and then you tighten the sides up, sorry about the state of the photos, the base has been living in the garden since last Christmas - so it has weathered!

Hayes Garden World have a variety of Cinco bases available, so you can find one to suit your requirements! They also have a range of artificial Christmas trees available and offer next day delivery for £7.95, but hurry last day for pre-Christmas delivery is coming soon!

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