Monday, 26 November 2012

Olly the Little White Van Catch me if You Can! DVD - Giveaway!

We were sent a copy of the fabulous Olly the Little White Van DVD by Abbey Home Media, the boys both enjoy watching Olly the Little White van which is voiced by the fabulous Justin Fletcher. The DVD is an ideal solution for families like us who love the series but miss it due to school runs or social activities, you can enjoy undiluted Olly any time you like! 

We really enjoyed the DVD especially the title episode 'Catch me if you Can!' where Charlie gets to drive a go-kart which is voice activated all sorts of chaos occurs! I love the 'Catch you if you we can' song and I've found myself humming it hours after watching! I especially like the fact the episodes are around 5minutes long, ideal for younger members of the family! Each of the episodes focuses on friendship and problem solving with catchy songs and plenty of action! E adores Olly, and will sit happily through an episode - usually clapping to the song - while I drink a quick cup of tea! There is also a lovely colouring sheet, the boys aren't great at sharing colouring sheets so I carefully copied it and then they were both delighted! This would make a lovely stocking filler or Christmas gift!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 4 copies of Olly the Little White Van Catch Me if you Can as prizes for 4 lucky winners! To enter the competition you need to follow the instructions on rafflecopter below! 

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  1. its justin fletcher

  2. Justin Fletcher :) @xxfluffywhitexx

  3. Justin Fletcher is the voice behind Olly :)

    Naomi xxx

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