Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wonderworld Toy Review!

Recently the boys were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous Wonderworld toys from DKL Toys to test and review!

The boys wasted no time in getting them out of the boxes and start reviewing  playing with them!

The tractor is very popular with E, at 22months he loves it, thanks to the simple magnet system which attaches the trailer to the tractor, he can independently attach and detach it as well as put the bale of hay into the trailer and then drive it to drop it off elsewhere!

It is really well designed, and is ideally shaped for toddlers little hands to easily manoeuvre! Both boys (aged 22months and age 4) have been really enjoying playing with the wooden tractor and trailer, and it has easily become one of the most played toys with in our toy box since it arrived!

The Rainbow Sound blocks are great fun, they are fun to hold and shake - as each one makes a different percussion sound. They fit into the box in a number of different ways and make a nice change to a conventional shape sorter - there is still an element of sorting which will fit but less need for total accuracy! 

The blocks are great held up to the light, as not only can you see what gems hide inside which are making the sounds but also it shows off the colours really well! In fact we now keep them on the sitting room windowsill, well they do look cool and the children love to constantly rebuild them into different structures:

For your nearest or online stockist of Wonderworld toys you can check out the DKL Toys stockist list, and you can keep up to date with DKL Toys on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: We received the toys for the purposes of the review, all thoughts opinions and photos are our own.

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