Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Make and Do - keeping little ones busy!

One of the boys favourite activities is "making", most popular is cutting and sticking, and they will spend ages with torn up old magazines, bits of wool, toilet rolls and infact anything which inspires their masterpiece! We have started to keep a big box of oddments for (or Junk as Mr G calls it!) so whenever we want to be creative we have supplies ready! We seem to go through glue sticks at an incredible rate, and I order them in batches from Viking Direct as I love the ease of selecting what I want, paying with Paypal and getting free delivery when I spend £30. They have a great range of craft supplies which can be delivered to your door from wiggly eyes to air dry clay so it I find I easily spend enough for free delivery especially as they have some great gift ideas to!

The air drying clay can be purchased in a huge pack which makes it very economical, if you keep it air tight (wrap it tightly in clingfilm) it does last a few months or would be ideal for a crafty party activity! This half term we're going to have a go at making some gift tags for Christmas and some Halloween Decorations from air drying clay (I'll post our antics when I get a chance!). The joy of air drying clay is that it enables your little one to easily preserve their model, and the paint really easily! Boo made these monsters a little while ago:

This little monster still has pride of place on our sitting room shelves, I wonder what he will come up with this time? I rather like the monsters for Halloween, so maybe we can make them on a bigger scale? Or perhaps some Wizards? Time to get my thinking cap on!

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