Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Super Boo! #KodakAvengers

Britmums have a lot to answer for in our house this evening, Mr G and Boo are racing around the garden as Super Heroes! This is all thanks to the #KodakAvengers competition!


Boo loved printing the masks and cutting them out, although unfortunately our colour cartridges started to run out so please excuse the strange colours. Our Printer is pricey to replace the cartridges so I really ought to think about investing in a Kodak printer! We also printed some fabulous Avengers Assemble door hangers, and I might even use the party invitations for Mr G's Birthday! Anyway, enough waffle this is Boo's entry:

Captain America and Iron Man!


  1. Loving Captain American and Iron Daddy!

    1. Haha! Iron Daddy! Never thought of that title, Mr G will be proud I shall make sure I call him that when he gets in :D xx

  2. its great the daft things parents will do with their kids!!