Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sports Pursuit - Members Only Sports/Fitness Sales

I was lucky enough to receive a Peer Index reward a while ago from Sports Pursuit, it was a selection of High-5 products, which aim to enhance performance and aid recovery! The products were on offer via Sports Pursuit as a package deal for around 50% off the RRP. High-5 tasted very good, and although I wouldn't necessarily buy the gels again (I'm not at that stage of fitness yet!), I would certainly invest in the sports drinks - especially the zero calories one! There were a couple of other bits included with the pack, but I had used them before I remembered to photograph them!

Sports Pursuit are a member only sports sales website, offering great deals to individuals on some of the best sports brands! So if you're into sport or fitness, or know someone who is you need to know about Sports Pursuit! To see the deals you need to become a member, which just involves inputting your details, so Sports Pursuit can email you the latest deals! All the deals are time limited, and items don't get sent out until after the sale has ended, my perk arrived within 28days of the sale ending, very efficiently packaged. This week I'm keeping my eyes on Speedo Watches with up to 76% off and Spyder Snow wear - just in time for the ski season! From my experience so far, I would definitely purchase from the site, as they offer some fabulous bargains on the most up to date kit.

Many Thanks to Sports Pursuit and Peer Index for sending me the sports pack!

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