Thursday, 2 August 2012

It's the little things..Celebrating Success #PGRaisingOlympians

Boo didn't start talking until he was almost 3, I was really worried but reassured by the Health Visitor he would start talking when he was ready. Celebrating his first words involved masses of stickers and indulging him as he learnt to ask for 'another cake please'! Boo now barely stops to take a breath for all his talking, and his use of language can be quite amusing at times - "It would be a great honour if you would watch me run across the garden Granddad.." Boo has learnt to cheer on his little brother E, and where E is starting to chatter Boo is the first to shout 'Well done!' and in turn I hear myself congratulating both Boo and E!

Boo has just turned 4, and he has started to show a great interest in writing, his co-ordination has improved with time spent with just the two of us sat together for a few minutes with me writing his name, and him copying it out. I'm so proud of how hard he has worked! While I don't want to show you his handwriting (it shows his full name!), I am going to share this picture he drew for me of a Knight and his Horse which I have stuck in pride of place in our hall as I'm so proud of it as it's the most detailed drawing he has done to on his own to date. While the horse may only have two legs to me it is a masterpiece which has been celebrated with me sharing it with the world via this blog!

We also celebrated this masterpiece with extra bubbles in the bath and the promise of a swimming session tomorrow. Boo loves swimming and has really been enjoying watching the swimming events at the Olympics, do I have a future Olympian?? Who knows! I know I'll definitely be getting him to start  sailing as soon as he can swim! But whether he ends up swimming like Michael Phelps, sailing like Ben Ainslie or just continuing to draw me beautiful pictures of knights and castles, he'll always be my champion and every little success will be rewarded with plenty of hugs and lots of love.


  1. I think it shows huge credit to your parenting when they encourage and praises their siblings for things they achieve. Well done Boo a beautiful picture