Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weighing in with Jenny Craig..

I was nervous stepping on the scales this morning, it was my first weigh in since starting Jenny Craig, and after a week where I've enjoyed 3 meals out, I wondered how badly they would have effected my weight. Before I tell you how the weigh in went, I want to share how my week has been. At the end of my first week with Jenny Craig last time, I'd lost several lbs, but was still a bit confused by it all, and perhaps was not as well equipped to move forward into week 2 as I should have been. Confronting my fears and opening up to where I struggle with food (chocolate) has been really helpful, as has starting to understand that no one is perfect and I'm allowed to make mistakes - and learn from them! 

My struggles started with the opening of a packet of digestive biscuits, and everyone was eating them with a cup of tea. I made the classic statement "oh no thanks, I'm on a diet" which came with the classic responses, "oh you could have one, it won't hurt!". I thought for a minute about what I should do, and more to the point, if I really wanted that biscuit! I remembered in the Jenny Craig diet, that one digestive eaten needs about an hour of exercise to burn it off..now did I still want that biscuit?? I ate the biscuit, and went to the gym to ensure it was burnt off! The following day, confronted with the same biscuit situation, and remembering the exertion in the gym to burn it off..I politely declined the biscuit using the phrase "No thanks, I'm still full from breakfast!".

I've also learnt that I get much more satisfaction from my food if it looks attractive, I'm awful at lunchtime and normally just throw my food onto a plate and eat it in a hurry, without enjoying it which then leads me to seek out a sweet treat almost immediately. So, I've tried to make sure I really make my food look inviting, and I've made salad more than just a soggy iceberg lettuce! 

Using my choice of added starch and fat to make lunch super tasty!

I've also started to be a regular face at the gym, and have started to compete with myself at each session to improve on the last. I've also started to swim 3 - 4 times a week and take the boys at least once so they can enjoy it to! All these little changes, I hope are starting me well on my journey to fitness and I feel really focused and happy about my choices. I've lost 1.5lbs this week, which I'm delighted with, especially as I feel I've really learnt how to eat even if I'm out having dinner with friends! You can catch up with Jenny Craig on twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: I'm receiving a 2 week free trial of Jenny Craig for the purposes of the review, however all thoughts and experiences are my own honest opinions of the diet.


  1. well done with the weight loss and eating out. I hate it when you tell people that you're on a diet, it's as though they're trying to sabotage it. I like your new phrase so I will try that one too. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, you've done great, and your lunch looks yummy :) I agree about making it look attractive, I'm fine at dinner time, but I never know what to do for lunch, and just make a hasty sandwich or something, but I'm finding with the Jenny Craig that a hot lunch and lots of salad is much more enjoyable, and then I tend to eat smaller portions at dinnertime rather than loading up my plate :) Mr Greedy.