Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Reuniting with Jenny Craig - Session 1

As I've mentioned before, I am restarting Jenny Craig, and this morning was my first session with my new consultant. She instantly put me at ease with her cheerful attitude, and understanding approach. I was worried that when I explained when and why I over eat she may laugh, but instead she was really positive and explained that there are ways to over come this essentially emotional over eating. She was really sympathetic to the fact I'm a Mummy and in reality, children take priority, so sometimes we don't allow ourselves time to eat or exercise. 

I felt relieved to have been able to explain candidly when I over eat, and talk about how I'm going to stop it! I also was pleased to be able to say I'd joined the gym and already I'm seeing the benefits - 5 days since joining the gym I've lost 1lb. So, this time I really mean business! Just waiting for the food delivery now which should be here today (I hope!) so I can really reunite with Jenny Craig and making a fresh start!

EDIT: My food arrived! Hooray! And there's even a plastic cup measure so I can make sure I'm having enough salad:

 Disclaimer: I am receiving a two week trial free of charge in return for blogging about my own honest experience on the Jenny Craig diet. All opinions are my own.


  1. Good Luck! I'll be joining you too :) Food should be arriving today, and my first chat with consultant tomorrow, then it's all systems go. Well done on gym and losing weight already - I am doing the opposite and eating as much as possible before the diet starts (wrong attitude, I know!) x

    1. haha I did that the first time to! I think it's natural! x