Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Weight loss Journey continues with Jenny Craig!

I've had a strange week, another two dinners with friends leading me to fear that I'd pile on weight especially as there was a distinct lack of any sort of vegetable at both! I tried to really stay focused and not allow myself to over eat, but I'm not going to lie, I ate half a desert! Interestingly I felt both pleased with myself for allowing myself half the desert I wanted but also found myself questioning why I'd had it at all as I felt a bit sick! I'm still loving eating breakfast, and really make time to enjoy it! 

Yoghurt coated Wheat Flakes! Yum!

I'm still pushing my exercise, I'm trying to swim 4 or 5 times a week and gym it 3 or 4 times to! I think that is making a huge difference to helping me really stick to Jenny Craig! The house has never looked so clean as I keep hoovering with the music turned up loud as I discovered it burns loads of calories - so you don't need to go to the gym!! My body shape is altering very slowly, but profoundly, I suddenly feel very self-concious again as my tummy appears to be like a big blob glued on to my torso - in reality it is no bigger but the rest of me is now a bit smaller - I'm no longer rocking the Humpty Dumpty look! Although I'm starting to look slimmer, I am uncomfortable with my new shape, and realise that this is what always prevents me from moving forward with my weight loss - it's easier to pile the weight back on and accept that I'm fat, than to struggle through this stage and be able to rid myself of the tummy altogether! (Hey I never said I was rational, I'm just being honest!).  

I've spoken about my fears with Cherry (my Jenny Craig Consultant) and she has been really supportive, explaining that I need to ensure I really hydrate myself, so I'm going to start carrying a bottle of water again! We also talked about making sure I'm using my abdominal muscles so I'm really focusing on the area of my body I'm unhappy with! The bit you've all been waiting to know..what did the scales say?? I've lost 3 1/2lbs!!!!! So, I'm a step closer towards my goal and although I've got a long way to go, I'm definitely travelling hopefully!

Disclaimer: I'm receiving a 2 week free trial of Jenny Craig for the purposes of the review, however all thoughts and experiences are my own honest opinions of the diet.


  1. Keep up the good work! I got my waist back the first week, but it seems to be making its way back to its usual self now, so I'm going to stick with the Jenny Craig a bit longer. You've lost loads, and I'm so impressed at all your exercise - I need to take a leaf our of your book x

    1. I found it hard to get started with the exercise, but feel I have to keep going now so I don't stop! I also really enjoy it - time to think about myself and not the little ones! xx

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  3. Great job, Vi! It’s not easy to lose. I’ve been there. But backing out is not an option. It takes a lot of determination, patience and self-control. Now, I am happy with the body I have. I’ve been maintaining a good weight through exercise and eating the right amount of food. How is the weight loss now, by the way?

    Terry Bayer