Saturday, 31 March 2012

Week 1 Jenny Craig Update

A few days into my Jenny Craig diet I thought I'd update you on how it's going. There is a daily menu which explains what you should be eating and when (there are no set times but you must to eat a snack between e.g. lunch and dinner). Initially I found sticking to the menu difficult, the idea of regimented eating made me feel strangely stressed and I found myself rather upset. It was a bit odd and I sat down to think about why I felt this way, and then realised that I was actually upset as I felt stupid. I've been convincing myself for years that I don't eat that much, then when I'm confronted with the portions I should be eating, it becomes clear where I'm going wrong.

Breakfast is not something I usually make time for, but I'm really enjoying sitting and eating breakfast with the boys and it's encouraging me to be more creative with their breakfasts! I'm finding lunches interesting with plenty of variety, although one or two of the lunches have not been to my taste there is certainly something to suit every taste! As you can see the portions are generous especially after you've added either salad or vegetables!

I would never have thought I'd enjoy a 'low fat' snack, but the Jenny Craig snacks are particularly tasty and really do seem to help me avoid that urge to grab the biscuit tin before dinner yet satisfy my urges for something sweet or salty! My biggest struggles are with my chocolate urges, all the talk of Easter eggs is making me constantly think about chocolate but I keep reminding myself how good I'll feel when I can fit into my jeans without them feeling too tight around the waist! The Jenny Craig Chocolate Wafer Bars are a great little chocolate hit if you're a chocoholic like me! Maybe I could get used to healthy food delivery taking the strain out of what to eat to lose weight?

I'm not sure if I've actually lost any weight as I'm refusing to weigh myself until Tuesday, but my tummy doesn't appear to bulge quite so much over the top of my jeans, so I'm hoping the scales will show a loss on Tuesday!

Disclaimer: I am undertaking a two week free trial of Jenny Craig in return for blogging about my own honest opinions of my experience with the diet.


  1. I agree, with regrds to portion sizes, they are satisfying, and fill you up. But I definitely was eating bigger portions. Cereal, I would easily usually eat twice as much.
    I find the sweet craving a struggle too, but have satisfied it with the JC snacks, and also low fat hot choc, which really helps me.
    Sounds like you rationalised why you were getting upset. Keep going, I bet you'll be surprised by the results :))