Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tackling my Mum-tum with Jenny Craig

I have Mum-Tum, and to be honest, I'm hugely conscious of it. In photographs I hide behind tables, chairs or children (it's amazing what difference a carefully held child can make to how you look!) and I would like at least one nice photo this summer! I have accepted that my old friend Mr Chocolate is a bit of a bad influence on me, and encourages me to party late at night with Mr Biscuit and this can't continue! So, my new friend for the next two weeks is Jenny Craig, and I hope I can lose some weight with her!

Jenny Craig offers calorie and portion controlled meals delivered to your home (or work). When I initially heard about the Jenny Craig programme, I thought that I would have to resign to the fact I would need to buy only their meals for ever more or I would instantly regain all my weight. But I was reassured by Dave over the telephone that this is more than just a diet, it is a system to teach you how to portion control and set you up for life, so I will be able to take what I learn and apply it to my own food choices, meaning over-eating should become a thing of the past.

I was quite excited by the idea of diet food delivery as let's face it as a busy parent I 'm sometimes so wrapped up in ensuring everyone else is fed that I forget to feed myself then gorge myself on whatever is easy to eat. The hamper arrived, and I shan't lie, the box containing 2weeks worth of food doesn't appear that big and I'm a little worried, will I be ravenous?? 

My initial call with my consultant was last night, and I learnt more about the things I can add to my meals, and that I need to be eating more frequently than I do now. I found it a little difficult at first talking to the consultant as she was very official, but once she'd explained everything she needed to she was quite friendly and put me at ease chatting about why I wanted to lose weight and how she'd lost a lot of weight with Jenny Craig herself. 

So, this morning a new chapter has begun, I'd like to lose about 30lbs in total over the next six months and I have to confess having consulted the Jenny Craig BMI calculator I need to lose 30 - 35lbs! Breakfast this morning has been chocolate coated wheat flakes (they were tasty!!) with a small banana and a mug of tea, I feel surprisingly full. 

Disclaimer: I am undertaking a two week free trial of Jenny Craig in return for blogging about my own honest experiences on the programme.

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  1. I found myself nodding as I read your post, this is exactly how I feel.
    After 2 childreN (and lots of chocolate) my problem area is my tummy too!
    I think I have around a stone to lose. 5 days in, I'm surprised how much better I'm feeling already! Ie just buttoned up some jeans that were way to tight!