Monday, 12 March 2012

Knights of Honour!

Last year after a trip to the car boot sale, I found myself struggling home with a fabulous wooden castle. We have been gradually adding to the castle, by looking out for knights and dragons (as well as a getting a few bits for Christmas!). Yesterday was by far the largest Car boot of the year so far, the sunshine really encouraged both buyers and sellers to come out! Mr G was in fine spirits and located these:

They're Papo knights, and apart from the obvious lack of arms/sword of the yellow knight they're in great condition. Boo was delighted with these, especially as the lady explained that the armless knight had been in a fearsome battle which had resulted in his missing limbs! At £1.50 for both we were delighted! 

I also treated myself to some additions to my summer wardrobe, a great summer dress and a beautiful Fat Face top which is so flattering across the neckline, I feel 10years younger! Photos to follow!

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  1. Lovely knights! Look forward to the photographs of your new clothes too - don't you just love it when you get something that both fits and is flattering!

  2. These are brilliant!! I bought some knights for my nephew for Christmas this year as he got a wooden castle so I know how expensive they are.

    After visiting King Arthur's castle at Tintagel last week I'm hoping Ruby is going to get into the knights of the realm!

  3. Lovely although I am hitting a point where I am trying to cut down on the amount of toys bought in an attempt to restore order to the house.
    Good to see you treating yourself too

    1. Oh Kate I have to confess, I was horrified by how many toys we have just after buying these I was having a bit of a sort out.. I ended up filling a bin liner (think huge 50L one!) and taking it to the local hospice shop! They were delighted as seemingly they weren't getting many toy donations! Order is now slowly being restored..emphasis on slowly..