Monday, 26 March 2012

How to buy your son his first sports car...

What a beautiful weekend we've had? The weather was perfect for being outside and I was looking forward to all that fresh spring air! It would have been the perfect weekend to be driving along with your roof down, if that is you had a convertible. We're not in that position, so we had to make do with opening the sun roof on our travels and we had it open especially wide on our way to our local car boot!

We wondered around the busy sale, with E in his new toddler carrier which was an ebay bargain. Mr G was on the look out for a Roberts Radio, and he found two but neither were quite what he was looking for. It was then that I disappeared off in delight..and Mr G sighed in the knowledge that I was going to be forcing him to carry yet another ridiculous item.. Here it is, my son's first sports car:

It's a rather glorious Little Tikes Pedal Car, and it's fair to say Boo is very pleased with it! Both boys have had a fantastic time roaring around the garden in it! And I have been asked by Boo to ensure it is 'garaged' over night (aka goes in the shed..!) I just hope they don't now expect a full size version on their 21st Birthdays?!

I'm linking up with Me & My Shadow - Magpie Monday!


  1. Hehehehe. Gorgeous! My Magpie Monday was very nearly a toy race car that my husband found for my daughter. She is absolutely in love with it! Hope your boy gets loads of fun out of this find

  2. Wow their very own red coupe! Lucky lucky boys :0)

  3. Can you please tell me where you purchased this little car at? What store? My youngest son had one when he was a little boy in the 80's and I would like to purchase three of them for my grandsons now. You can email me at my biz address.
    I'd really appreciate the information.
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Therese, it came from a carboot sale i'm afraid! Hope you find one :)