Saturday, 18 February 2012

Re-invent your wardrobe with help from Dylon!

Claire from Bottle PR set a few bloggers a challenge, to transform some of their unworn wardrobe treasures with a little help from Dylon! I peered in my wardrobe and quite frankly was horrified at how many unworn clothes I have! Even after last summers dramatic declutter, I still am a hoarder and collector of all things clothing! 

I was sent Bahama Blue and Goldfish Orange to try, I'd ask for bright colours as they're very on trend and I'm hoping to enjoy lots of colour this summer! I chose a selection of clothes to dye, including a cardigan and boys shirt that still had the tags on..I'd forgotten I even had them! Please forgive the crumpled state that they're in, but they don't need to be nicely pressed in order to dye them:

I made the mistake of only half reading the packet, and not making the clothes damp before I loaded them into the washing machine on top of the packet of dye and 500g of salt, this resulted in me getting dye all over a variety of other things..but no damage done just a bit of mess to clean up and an extra item to add to the dye! (Mental note, always read the instructions before you start to use something!) Peering in the machine after the initial wash, i resisted pulling the clothes out and followed the instructions to wash the clothes at 40c again.

I must admit I was very pleased with the results:

The cardigan I am particularly happy with as I will be able to wear it all summer with a white vest or over my white sun dress! I love it! I'd have never thought of dying things before, but I think this is the start of a new obsession! I have already reinvented our bathroom by using Dylon on the cotton bath mat!
Watch out for further posts!


  1. Wow, these look amazing! LOVE the colour! x

  2. Thanks! Actually isn't this the colour you're meant to be buying??