Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mummy and Daddy are getting married..Becoming Mrs G..

For those who missed it, Mr G asked me to marry him just before Christmas and I accepted! Since then I have to confess that I've been in a bit of a panic. I always thought I'd panic about what to wear or who to invite if I ever got married, but that was in the pre-children days.

I bought a wedding magazine yesterday and instantly realised it was a total waste of £5. In fact I wished I had spent the £5 on lottery tickets at least I would have been able to dream about what I would do with millions if I won them! The magazine was filled with 20-somethings with perfect figures, huge white dresses and sophisticated guests without a highchair in sight. Sadly I'm not in my 20's anymore, I don't have the perfect figure (although...I'm working on that!) a big white dress is not necessarily my cup of tea and as for sophisticated guests?? I guess they might be if we can excuse the impromptu food fight from the under 2's who might be attending?

So, here I am, wondering if I can put my imagination to good use and create our perfect wedding day which involves our two gorgeous boys after all I want them to enjoy it too, although I do draw the line at Boo's suggestion that I should get married dressed as Smurfette...

So for the next months, be prepared as I'll undoubtedly be writing frantically about ideas, successes and failures of the Goriami wedding plans!


  1. Have you joined Pinterest? That's a brilliant place to find wedding ideas you can copy affordably.

  2. Hi! Thank you I'd never heard of them but I have bookmarked it for further investigation this evening! Exciting! x :D

  3. WOOO- Congratulations! There must be something in the air, missielizzie got proposed to too. Sadly I'm still waiting, twenty two years and counting - my Mr.G is a stubborn one!