Friday, 6 January 2012

How quickly time flies..

My boys are growing up so quickly! I can barely believe that Elvis will be celebrating his 1st Birthday in 5days! So much is happening and so quickly!

Elvis has been coasting for at least 6weeks, and we've got used to the fact he pulls himself up and totters along the sofa grinning insanely, but he's not seemed keen to go it alone and always holds on tightly. Quite suddenly on Wednesday evening he stood up in the middle of the rug and yelled out a series of 'duckaducka' baby babble words before setting off confidently taking two steps across the rug! I squeaked with delight and my squeals promptly led to him landing on his bottom! He then spent the rest of the evening getting up taking a couple of steps and then dropping down to crawl again. He's still only taking 3 or 4 solo steps but he is gradually building up to walking all by himself! I'm so excited that he's reached such a huge milestone, and yet at the same moment I feel a twinge of longing for him needing to be carried around in my arms! Where has the time gone?

I'm even more in awe of how time has flown with Boo, as we've just applied for him to start school in September 2012! It seems like only yesterday I was sat looking at him in his moses basket wondering what on earth I was meant to do with him!

If I'm honest, I'm not fully comfortable with the idea of him going to school so young, he's just so little and at such an impressionable age. I realise that children all learn in different ways, if they can't understand it one way explaining it in another often works. Boo is very much a child who gets frustrated if he does instantly understand, and without a rapid change of explaining tactic he will just give up. Teachers don't always have the time to accommodate the learning style of each child, especially in larger classes, and I fear he will fall behind. I'm crossing my fingers desperately that he gets accepted at the small primary just outside our catchment area, the classes are smaller and the teachers really seem keen to encourage the children. For now, we have the long wait to see if we do get accepted, and if we don't..then deciding what to do next will undoubtedly lead to a long post on the topic!

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  1. omg school already?!? time really does fly!!! xx