Thursday, 15 December 2011

Have you met Olly the Little White Van yet?

We were pleased to receive a DVD of Olly the Little White Van to review! As soon as we put the DVD on, we became very fond of Olly and his friends! The theme tune is very catchy and after one episode I was singing the tune and after a second one Boo was joining me!
The cartoon is very colourful, with a vehicle to suit every child, I feared that perhaps 'The little White Van' might not be such a favourite, so I was delighted with the array of other vehicle friends he has and I think Boo's favourite was Olly's best friend Bazza! 

The episodes are short so they really do hold a pre-schoolers attention, ideal if you want 5 minutes recovery time! Olly is voiced by Justin Fletcher who does a great job of giving Olly a really likable nature! Olly is always trying to help his friends out, and it really does teach about being kind and helping your friends! Check out the Olly the Little White Van site for plenty of activities to keep your little ones busy this Christmas, we're going to be making some Christmas cards this afternoon! Remember you can catch up with Olly on CITV at 9.45am and 1pm Weekdays!

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Monday, 12 December 2011

Zoflora Warm Cinnamon Keep Christmas Germ Free and smelling fantastic!

With two small children I'm a big fan of anything which keeps things clean and hygienic. A little while ago I discovered Zoflora, it is a disinfectant which comes in a range of fabulous scents. Instantly I was impressed that I could keep the house clean without it having that strong smell of antiseptic or bleach which no-one particularly wants to be greeted by!

I was delighted when Zoflora sent me a bottle of their special concentrated disinfectant Christmas limited edition fragrance 'Warm Cinnamon'. It is so easy to use, I dilute it into a big spray bottle so it is ready whenever I need it - one capful make a bottle full, so it is very economical.

Don't make the mistake of sniffing the bottle of concentrate, as while it smells ok, it isn't quite so appealing! When diluted the Zoflora smells divine, just imagine Christmas baking with all the warm sweetness of gingerbread houses and that is what you can smell while you're killing off 99.9% of germs! I use it in the kitchen, on the high chair, and even on surfaces in the sitting room! We smell so festive!