Friday, 28 October 2011

Why I won't be shopping at Ocado this Christmas

Isn't it funny how a company which prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service can actually deliver the exact opposite? I signed up to a delivery pass with Ocado as I had been initially impressed with the service I received, and all was going well until last week. 

Last week I placed an order to be delivered on Tuesday evening, it arrived on time and I started to unpack it..immediately I realised there was a problem with the order as the Aptimil powder was soaking was all the dry food. I called the number, and an apologetic lady dealt refunded replaced and recharged me as they would redeliver the next day and a £10 voucher for goodwill. So far so good..

So, Wednesday evening the shopping turns up and I halt the delivery driver while I check the shopping - conscious of the previous delivery being soaking wet..Guess what?? Yes! It was wet again....

So back on the telephone, yet more expense thanks to their lovely 0845 number. Randomly I got the same lady on the telephone, who was very apologetic and asked a supervisor what she should do under the circumstances. They told me that as it was a bit of a sorry saga they would cancel the bill for the order I had received allowing me to keep any items which weren't water damaged and issue me a £20 voucher. I noticed at this point that they had tried to charge an account which I currently had no funds in, so specifically asked if they would like an alternative payment method - the reply was 'No we're not charging you' so I was reasonably appeased, although rightfully disappointed.

As a result I had to go to Sainsburys to collect all the bits which were water damaged. So although I now had a £10 voucher and a £20 voucher (N.B these can't be used together..) I still had to physically drive into town with two small children in tow to go to the supermarket - exactly what I had been trying to avoid.

Tonight I thought I would place another order with Ocado, to be delivered next week. I then discover I am unable to place an order as I have a 'FAILED PAYMENT' I am slightly horrified by this, what have I failed to pay?! I then realise it is the order which they told me I wouldn't have to pay for.. so I call Ocado to resolve the situation. Please bear in mind that on Monday I am meant to be able to do my online shop with them for Xmas..Min order £90...and our shop would be nearer £200.

I wait on hold for 26minutes (yet more pennies for the telephone bill..) to be told that yes, this is an error but they can't do anything until 'Finance' open on Monday and 'look into it'. I reply, well is that it?? I'm thinking could you at least apologise or allow me to speak with a supervisor - there must be some way I can place my order even if I can't have it delivered until after Monday..but

So, here I am paying for a delivery pass which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I don't want vouchers Ocado, I want an apology, I want you to understand that a Mother wants her shopping delivered so she doesn't have to go dragging children around the supermarket, otherwise the whole point of your service is non-existent. Is this Goodbye from me Ocado, or will you redeem yourself with a response??

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Huggies Little Swimmers with the fabulous Lisa Scott-Lee

Back in May I was lucky enough to get the chance to take Elvis swimming with Huggies Little Swimmers and meet the lovely Lisa Scott-Lee from the band Steps. Huggies Little Swimmers are ideal for making swimming with your baby as easy as can be! 

I asked Lisa  a few questions to help all us Mum's gain some extra confidence from her experiences taking her children swimming this is what she had to say:

Do you have one top tip for looking stylish while with the children in the pool?
    I think it’s important to find a style of swimming costume or bikini that suits your figure. The website offers some great style tips and advice from style guru John Scott on the best fits for mums of different shapes and sizes. I think if you feel comfortable in the water, you will be relaxed your baby will enjoy the experience. Remember other mums are in exactly the same boat as you.   
    What do you think the main benefits of baby swimming are? 

    I love swimming with my family. It's a good chance to meet and share tips with other parents and not only is it a great form of exercise for the whole family, it's also a lovely opportunity to spend time with your baby or children.

     What are your baby swimming bag essentials?
        Just the usual bits, swimming towels, Huggies Little Swimmers, changes of clothes and a tracksuit for me to change into once the babies are all washed, dried and changed.

        Grab yourself a money-off coupon for Little Swimmers, and take your little one swimming today! It's great exercise and relaxation for them and you, Elvis always has a great nap after swimming, allowing me a quiet coffee!

        The Winners are...

        The winners of a 'The Big Party' Dvd as chosen by Random.Org are:

        @dorothee 77


        Well done! Please email your address details to me - my email can be found on 'contact me' page.

        Tuesday, 25 October 2011

        Learning Right from Wrong..

        I'm angry. I've just learnt that person who drove her car through a family members wall, was 15. Luckily for her, she is absolutely fine. Unluckily for the person whose wall she drove through, they've just had to claim on their insurance to pay out thousands to get the repairs to not just the wall she hit, but the overall structural damage she caused to the property. Did I mention I was angry?

        Why am I angry? well, bluntly I'm angry that she's not being prosecuted. The attitude is she didn't actually hurt anyone. There is a sense of let's brush it under the carpet and ignore the bill she caused in the ambulance, fire service and police attendance.. Ignoring what might have happened had someone been sat behind the wall at the time of impact, or if the car had veered slightly further... How will she learn right from wrong if she doesn't have any form of repercussions from the incident? I'm not asking that she gets sent to jail, but seriously...nothing at all?!! Not even an apology.

        Is it just me that thinks this is wrong?! If either of my children ever did anything like that, I would be devastated. The girl comes from a good family, they live in a nice area, she was just 'bored' so took the car for a 'laugh' - their words not mine. I would think I had failed as a parent in teaching my children right from wrong. Obviously I don't have teenagers, but is this what I have to look forward to?! Or is this a case of a child who really doesn't know right from wrong?

        Monday, 24 October 2011

        I'm the King of the Castle!!

        Last week we took a family trip to Porchester Castle, it was on of those places we have seen in the distance so many times on our journeys that it seemed appropriate we should take a closer look. Boo was surprisingly interested, especially when we started to explain canons and Knights to him..he very much liked the idea of defending his castle.

        So, this weeks Magpie Monday is appropriately a castle:

        I was carrying Elvis when we purchased it and so Boo and I had to struggle to carry the castle back to the car between us, it was surprisingly awkward and heavy! Elvis isn't the best at being carried (he won't hold on!) and sadly I dropped the bits I was carrying and smashed the turret. But nothing a bit of Grandad maintenance won't fix I'm sure! The castle was a total bargain at £2.50!

        I also by chance came across another Vintage Fisher Price toy (see previous #Magpie Monday posts!), to add to our little collection:

        The toolkit is complete, the drill no longer works (it used to be wound up and then 'go') but I like the fact it has been played with, and yet is still in otherwise great condition. I paid 20p a total bargain, Boo plays with it so carefully and I'm delighted as when he's bored of it, it'll look fab on display - yes, seriously!

        Me and My Shadow