Friday, 9 September 2011

Winnie the Pooh Screening with Huggies and Goody Bag Competition!

Huggies invited us to a special screening of the Winnie the Pooh movie, at Disney HQ in London. We were all very excited, Elvis is obsessed with piglet and Boo has always loved Tigger - infact he has now taken possession of my old Tigger.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Huggies, their nappies feature colourful pictures of Disney's Winnie the Pooh and friends, ideal for making nappy changes fun!

Disney's HQ came as a surprise, the only indicator on the outside of the building was a black and white image of Mickey Mouse, very subtle! Plenty of Disney memorabilia adorned the interior but was laid out in a very executive friendly manner! E.g. this bronze of Walt Disney himself.

I was really amazed to see a huge figure of the HULK! And the original costume worn in Iron Man, they were fantastic to see up close!

We were treated to a fabulous buffet lunch, and encouraged to really enjoy ourselves - yes I confess I had seconds of the Rocky Road! There were life-sized models of Winnie, Tigger and Pooh who all got shown lots of love by children and parents alike! I think Eeyore must have still been searching for his tail as he sadly wasn't attending!

The film was lovely, a real Disney classic! I love the teamwork which always ensues in a Winnie the Pooh tale! When we left the screening the children were each handed a goody bag much to their delight, and Huggies have kindly offered one as a prize to one of my readers!

The prize is one goody bag containing:

-         Two HUGGIES Natural Fit sample packs
-         One pack of Andrex moist wipes
-         One multi-pack of Cars 2 Kleenex pocket tissues
-         Winnie the Pooh party banner
-         Winnie the Pooh plush toy
-         Winnie the Pooh confetti
-         Disney pin badge

To enter please complete both stages:

1. Please comment below with who is your favourite Winnie the Pooh Character and why?

2. Follow the blog via GFC

Do please remember to leave your twitter name or an email address so I can contact you if you win! Good Luck!

The competition closes at 9am on the 17th September, the winner will be selected at random.
I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that the original winner does not reply within 72hours.
Only one entry per person.
Sorry, this competition is only open to UK residents.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to School Treats with Whole Earth Foods

It's that time of year where the days are already starting to get shorter, and as the children go back to or start school, thoughts turn to warming winter treats!

Whole Earth Food offer a variety of organic treats, yes I did say treats! They believe that eating organic is not only about being healthy but still having great flavours! Last year I reviewed their peanut butter and raved about how we enjoyed it, in fact it is still a regular on my shopping list and no other brand is acceptable in our household anymore!

We were lucky enough to be sent a variety of Whole Earth foods fantastic Chocolate Spreads to review!

The Dark Chocolate Spread came as perhaps the greatest surprise, I expected quite a bitter flavour and was amazed that actually the flavour is comparable with a rich dark bar of chocolate. There is a super recipe for Dark Chocolate Cupcakes which Boo & I are going to be trying out today! Boo happily sat eating it thickly spread onto toast only to ask for more at the end! It contains 30% cocoa and all the spreads are approved by the vegetarian society as suitable for vegetarians.

Crunchy Hazelnut Spread is packed full of crushed hazelnuts, it really is a nutty experience! Mr G & I loved this, Boo found that he didn't enjoy the tiny bits of nuts in his teeth, although loved it when we spread it onto frozen banana 'lollies' as a chocolaty coating! It was divine on toast, really sweet and very luxurious! Mr G enjoyed this on toast in the morning and found he felt full until lunch.

Our absolute family favourite and in fact we have already bought another jar (actually two..) has to be the Chocolate & Caramel Swirl Spread it even sounds delicious doesn't it? This was rich and creamy, when spread on toast it tasted almost like fudge! A teaspoonful sneakily enjoyed in the kitchen was better than a single chocolate liberated from an open box! It is the ultimate treat and perfect to brighten up dull autumn days! I'm experimenting with cooking with this one, and will endeavour to update my best discoveries!

Whole Earth food chocolate spreads contain no nasty preservatives or hydrogenated fats, making them ideal for making 'dull toast' into a tasty after-school treat! You can find Whole Earth Foods in major supermarkets as well as a variety of health food shops. Follow them on twitter or join their facebook page for more news and ideas!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Another year older, but none the wiser!

Over the weekend, I celebrated my Birthday, I realised I'm getting old as I was more intent on the children being happy then anything else! I didn't really mind what I did or didn't do as long as I had two happy bambinos!

Naively, I thought that by age 3, Boo would be easier to entertain. In fact I have decided age 3 is worse than age 2 was, as distraction no longer works! At least last year when he demanded to get out of the car while we were in the lion enclosure of a safari park I managed to distract him by getting him to look at the keeper in his 4X4.. This year I had to use ever ounce of my power of negotiation in the Lion and the Wolf enclosure as Boo was adamant, he was getting out.. It sounds silly writing it now, but I suddenly felt paranoia flowing through me, what if I hadn't remember to put the child lock on the doors and he got out the car?!

 I must admit I was relieved to get into the relative safety of the giraffes, who strangely quietened Boo down and caused him to say  with his nose squashed against the glass 'I wonder what they are thinking'. It's a good point, and something that had never crossed my mind before, what are those beautiful creatures thinking as they are surrounded by people sat in cars snapping photos like paparazzi!

 Mr G treated us to tea, and Boo demanded the biggest cake he could see, while Elvis just cooed and tried to grab the tablecloth - at least my reactions are quicker these days. When the biggest cake had to be divided into two - (I am trying to lose my baby weight and it isn't a rapid process!) - Boo decided to express his distaste by shouting 'No!! That's mine!! Mummy your not having any!' at the top of his voice, much to the displeasure of the group of senior ladies from Germany at the next table. To these ladies, should they be reading, believe it or not, I didn't particularly enjoy the shrill tone of his shrieking either. As I'm sure you could see, it was either let him shriek while I held onto the plate for dear life, or risk the cake actually flying across to join you on your table.

Of course Elvis slept all the way home in the car, so when we were ready to go to bed, he was wide awake and wanting to play. While Boo was crying saying he was tired and needed E to be quiet so he could sleep. I finally climbed into bed at  gone 2am, only to be woken by a lively Boo at 5am, so forgive me if my writing is slightly erratic! When will I learn, I'm not sure I ever will!