Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Organix Stage 1 Purees - First tastes of Protein!

There is an awkward stage of weaning, baby is not quite ready for moving to more lumpy textures, but the bland stage 1 purees for sale in pouches just aren't quite enough to keep those taste buds interested. Organix have come up with first taste pouches, to introduce babies to their first tastes of protein while still in the smooth texture of a stage 1 puree.

Elvis has been a bit of a monkey at meal times recently, and been incredibly fussy! I was a bit worried that introducing new flavours might make the situation worse, so I waited a while - this was perhaps a mistake as when I did try the first pouch 'Sweetcorn Chicken & Broccoli' Elvis couldn't wait to tuck in!

He clearly was ready for more adventurous flavours!

The textures of these pouches are really smooth, no worries about them being too chunky! The flavours are still quite simple, and as with all Organix baby products, they do not contain any added salt or additives. The vegetables are organic, and the chicken is free range! With a bit of seasoning I feel i could eat them myself - surely that is great baby food?

Parsnip, Chicken and Leeks was less popular with Elvis, I think he found the leek a bit too strong for his still developing taste, it ended up decorating the room rather than in his tummy! We shall persist with this flavour, even though he is moving onto stage 2 foods, i still find he needs a smoother puree at bed time to give him a good nights sleep!

Pumpkin, Cheddar and Lentils, this is a recipe which I wouldn't think to make for Elvis, but he really enjoyed it! I did make the mistake of feeding him without a bib, and the natural colouring from the pumpkin left some interesting stains on his t-shirt! So it is worth remembering that if you are out and about - remember a bib!!

I think these are great for encouraging baby to experiment with new flavours, even before they can chew! Still in the handy pouches so ideal for days out, I'm keeping one in the change bag for when we're out and about or if I'm in a hurry at home!

These and other Organix Products are available from all good supermarkets or online at the Organix Shop

Monday, 29 August 2011

Mini Naked Bodycare - Cute as a Button!!

Bath times are lots of fun in our house, Boo loves bubbles! However, Elvis has quite sensitive skin so we've been struggling to find products they can both enjoy!

The lovely 'freebie fairy' at Naked, sent me a bottle of 'Cute as a Button' bubble bath and 'Knee high de-tangling shampoo'. The names made me smile, and I liked the no nonsense bottles - they aren't brightly coloured or decorated with cartoon characters. In fact the bottles are rather special, they are 50 - 100% made of recycled plastic!

Naked products are atleast 97% natural, the other 3% is preservatives to avoid the products going off while on the shelf! Their products are paraben and SLS free, so they are as earth and skin friendly as possible!

Cute as a Button is exactly that, it creates a wealth of soft bubbles which Boo was delighted with and even Elvis enjoyed splashing his hands through them! The fragrance is subtle but very pleasant. Most importantly, Elvis could enjoy a bubble bath without his skin getting irritated!

Boo doesn't enjoy having his hair washed, it is a series of screams and screeches and then I bribe him with the promise of an extra Octonauts story if he'll let me wash his hair without anymore fuss! The Knee High detangling Shampoo smelt very nice, but, it wasn't very easy to wash out..this meant Boo got quite frustrated and screamed and so inevitably so did Elvis! Their hair was lovely and easy to brush after we'd used it, and again it was gentle even on little ones sensitive skin!

Cute as a Button is definitely on my shopping list, and at £2.99 a bottle i might even treat myself to a bottle of it too!

Thanks to the lovely people at Naked for sending me these samples!

Bob's Big Build!

We were lucky enough to be invited as VIPs to Bob's Big Build at the O2 in London. Boo was very excited as we travelled up to London on the train and I'm sure the entire carriage appreciated his rendition of Bob The Builder's song at least 5 times. When we arrived in London we took the short walk across to the London Eye where we caught our special Thames Clipper which was taking us directly to the O2!

I say special, as it had been chartered just for all the Bob VIPs! We were greeted with a goody bag and treated to a tasty selection of fruit, cakes & pastry's! What a fabulous start to the day! The clipper was a great way to travel to the O2 as there was so much to look at on the Thames and although the journey was 35minutes it passed rapidly!!

When we arrived at the O2, we had quite a little walk to get to the area which was home to 'The Big Build'. Elvis was asleep in his buggy, Boo was very excited and so didn't mind the walk, and in honesty Mr G & I were just excited to be on an adventure with two happy children! Boo collected his bright yellow hard hat, and we entered 'The Big Build'...

If I'm honest I was a little bit..deflated when I first entered, I'm not quite sure what I had expected to see, but on first impressions it wasn't jumping out at me - or Boo (who asked if we could leave!). I took a deep breath and looked around, wondering what to start Boo off with! Using the 'activity book' we had been handed on the way in, I worked out that the Big Build was divided into different areas, each covering a different activity, for each activity completed children were given a sticker to put in their activity books! 

There was a quiet area with beanbags and a story-teller, adjacent to some picnic tables for anyone wanting a tea-break! A large area full of Bob's toys for the children to experiment with - Boo was particularly taken with the drills and spent quite alot of time 'drilling' the floor!

An opportunity to try out a Bob scooter around a special course - which was hilarious as many of the smaller children (including Boo) struggled to keep up with the bigger ones and took to dismantling the 'traffic lights' or abandoning the scooters in the centre only for embarrassed looking parents (me included!!) having to recover both child and scooter!! Boo loved it, all the children seemed delighted and there was a real sense of excitement amongst them all! Cleverly, once the children had returned the scooter and safety helmet, they were rewarded with a giant inflatable pair of pliers so even the child who had grown overly attached to the scooter was happy to hand it back in return for such a giant reward!

Next we looked at the face painting, Boo decided he wanted Bob on his hand as he didn't want his face decorated and couldn't wait to show Daddy & Elvis (who were chilling out in a quiet area!). We had a go at building a wall with foam bricks, but Boo wasn't so impressed with this, although I think he may have been in the minority judging by how many budding builders were having a go!

Boo's favourite activity, without any doubt, had to be the giant sandpit! He loved it! He jumped in and dug to try to find 'bones' to complete the dinosaurs (although he didn't find any as he got distracted making sandcastles instead!!).

There was a bouncy castle, and an area to get creative as well as plenty of foil balloons on sticks to keep even the smallest Bob fans happy (Elvis was delighted!).

The stage show was lively, plenty of singing and laughs, Boo was impressed to see Bob & Wendy on stage but more keen to try out all the other activities! We missed the meet & greet as we joined the queue quite late and by the time we did we were told we were too late, this led to a few tears - I wish they realised how many Bob fans did have a  little cry when they were turned away from the meet & greet.

We were then treated to a special showing of the new feature length Bob the Builder, 'The Big Dino Dig' on the big screen, we were all seated on giant bean bags and the children loved it!

Boo had a fabulous time, and has been asking whether we can go again! The journey home was filled with chatter about Bob and what Boo had seen and thought, it was a very happy day!

The negatives: I felt at certain points a few extra 'Bob's Team' members would have been helpful, if only to direct you a bit when you first got in or to encourage the parents or quieter children to muck in! The toilets, I ended up taking Boo to the porta loos and while they were disabled loos so nice and spacious, there was no sinks to wash small hands? And no alcohol gel - i squirted what i thought was gel but it turned out to be soap??? We had a supply of anti-bacterial gel with us, so no problem for us, but I would have thought that was a basic necessity when there are lots of small children around.

Would we go again? Definitely, it was a great party atmosphere and I was really impressed with the way it was organised, so many happy little faces can't be wrong!

You can pre-order your copy of 'The Big Dino Dig' Now, it will be released Sept 2011.