Monday, 20 June 2011

A blast from the past,,

It's funny how some toys stick in your mind from childhood, one in particular sticks in my mind and only recently I was talking to my father about it. He was amused by me bringing this particular toy up, as it was a hand me down which had been passed down through each of us, from my eldest sister who is 16yrs older than me, and he's not certain it was 'new' to her. He was convinced we still had this toy, but after I had made him search for it (yes I really did) we concluded that it had gone to a bring & buy sale in about 1987. I searched the toy on ebay, intending to buy myself one for my 30th Birthday, but was horrified to see them fetching £30 - £45. So imagine my suprise when I found this at a carboot..

A fisher price record player!! Hands up, who had one?! There was no way I could leave this behind, and almost fainted when the woman (who had owned i from new) asked me for 50pence!! Boo adores it, it still works and I'm not sure who has played with it the most me or him?!

In a brief outing yesterday I also found Boo a great playdoh set which is perfect timing for his current playdoh obsession! He has sat intently playing with it happily for atleast an hour this morning so another 50p well spent!

  I am also feeling slightly overjoyed at finding a new Thermos Bag & Bottle (still with tags! - £2) a 'Mini Boden' hoodie for Boo 50p, and a fantastic brand new Next waterproof winter jacket (also for Boo) for 50p. However the jacket unfortunately reaks of cigarette smoke, and even after i have machine washed it twice it still smells..
I also picked him up 2 pairs of boots, the croc boots were 50p (and perfect for wearing in the garden!) and the snow boots (£2) I hope will fit him this winter..

I also treated us to a 'new' table cloth, i paid 50pence, and Mr G was horrified as it was yellowed and stained, but it was linen and hand embroidered. I have washed it carefully and it is now brill white and beautiful! I'll try to photograph it after I iron it!

Me and My Shadow