Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Weaning Baby G...

I tried Baby G on some puree at 17weeks, as I had weaned Boo early so it seemed natural to try Baby G at the same stage. But Baby G just wasn't ready, he looked at me in horror as I sat him in the booster seat and attempted to stick a spoon in his mouth. I played the game three days in a row, before realising he just wasn't ready!
A few days ago Baby G started to get very agitated while we were eating, he was shrieking as if to get our attention and chewing his fists, he's 21 weeks now, so I decided to give weaning another try. I tried baby rice this time, mainly for my own ease! Baby G sat up tall and excitedly made noises at the sight of the spoon and bowl, opened his mouth wide and devoured the spoonful of rice!

Before I started trying to feed Baby G, I made sure Boo had a drink & snack so he didn't feel left out. I also chose a time when Baby G was not over hungry, so the food would interest him! Ensuring a bib and a muslin cloth were to hand as well as two (yes 2!) spoons - one for baby to wave! I was pleased how well we'd done!

The trouble was he then wanted more, and 3 spoonfuls later when I had decided he really was not having any more he was still seeking out the spoon so I removed the bowl! But was left with one very contented baby!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Goodbye Bessie.....the passing of an appliance..

They (i'm not quite sure who 'they' are but bear with me) say everything always comes at once, and it is true! It really does! I haven't had the chance to write a blog about family life for a little while, so I'm grasping my opportunity today!

Boo is going to be 3 at the end of June, and it amazes me how time has flown, it feels like only yesterday I was waddling around waiting for him to arrive. So I've been rather excited planning his party, and his input has been telling me about the cake he wants. Unfortunately for me, he seems to think I am a queen in the kitchen, and is expecting a Lightening McQueen 3D chocolate sponge..iced of course.. 

Having managed to close my mouth from the shock of such a request, I decided that it was only fair that I take on the challenge! I have spent a week researching this cake, and decided to give it a trial run, that was until Bessie (a.k.a my Oven)decided she no longer wanted to particpate in the Goriami Family life..and went bang taking the power out with her.

Goodbye Bessie..

So, taking matters in my stride I have been experimenting with making a cake in the microwave and suprised at how well it came out, but lets face it, this does not look like anything resembling a car..

I wondered how many of these I'd need so started to mix another batch and Mike (the Mixer) decided he wanted to leave with Bessie, and in fairness to Mike he was ancient and only cost me about £5 from Sainsburys. Eitherway, thanks Mike..your timing is rubbish.

I'm wondering whether I'd be safest to stick to chocolate krispie cakes instead?!