Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Keevil & Keevil Deliver their finest steak to my door!

I was recently contacted by Keevil & Keevil Smithfield Market's most oldest established butchers shop who offer a superb deliver to your door service, to try their newest introduction Australian Beef Steaks. I was delighted to accept their offer, and couldn't wait to try out their products!

I was very excited when the box arrived with a courier, it was really well packaged, so there was no chance of the meat being damaged in transit, and it arrived with packs to keep the meat chilled.

I was sent 3 types of steak, Rump, Sirloin & Rib eye, all of which arrived vacuum packed and looking scrumptious! I'm no expert on steaks, and so you'll have to forgive my ignorance as you read on!

I decided to keep it simple by grilling the steak and serving with new potatoes and vegetables, as I wanted to know what was special about these Australian Steaks. I was genuinely surprised by how tender the meat was, it almost melted in my mouth! There was so much flavour considering the lack of effort on my part - all I had done is season it lightly with salt & pepper and grill! Such a simple supper, but so tasty!

Having been so impressed with the steak, I was desperate to get Boo to try some, but as he's not quite 3 and going through a very fussy stage of eating sadly he was unimpressed with my initial offering. I decided to create a casserole as we were expecting guests, and it may be a fabulous way to introduce Boo to these fantastic steaks. Obviously these are steaks, and not what I'd normally put in a casserole, so again I kept ingredients very simple, cooked and served onto the table in my favourite cast-iron pot:

Never have I had so many compliments, Boo ate his entire plate and begged for more, it was certainly the ideal introduction for him to Keevil & Keevil!

I was also sent some speciality sausages I love anything with a hint of the Mediterranean so these Merguez Chipolatas were a real delight! 

They're lamb sausages, and spiced so they almost have the flavour of chorizo. Boo won't eat chorizo as he finds it too spicy, but loved these and I can tell you with confidence they tasted great grilled and then eaten hot or cold!

Keevil & Keevil sell a varied selection of meats, cheese and pies. They sell a great variety of continental meats as well as a variety of 'specialist meats' including the unusual sounding crocodile tail fillets! 

If you like the sound of the steaks, there is a special offer available on The Smithfield Box which contains Rump, Sirloin, Rib Eye,and fillet steaks and currently has 25% OFF as an introductory offer.

In my experience, the quality has been exceptional, with prompt delivery. There is a minimum order of £30, with delivery at a flat rate of £7.95 but if you order over £75 delivery is free! If you're in London Keevil & Keevil also have a shop at Smithfield Meat Market.