Friday, 20 May 2011

Sargies Cornish Kitchen Moreish Meringues & Luxurious Lemon Curd!

I was delighted to receive some treats from Sargies Cornish Kitchen and even more delighted when I saw meringues and lemon curd! I love both, and had to resist the urge to open and try them right away! Instead I decided to save them for a moment when i could really enjoyed them, and enjoy them I did!

 I have always loved meringues, I can remember being 6years old, and begging my father to make some on a Sunday afternoon. I don't think he has ever excelled at baking, but certainly his meringues were always special, and interestingly he hasn't made any for about 10years which ties in with when he stopped keeping chickens. Sargies only use free-range eggs sourced from the West Country, and the meringues are hand piped for a really special finish. We all really enjoyed these meringues, they had the perfect blend of crunchiness combined with a slightly chewy centre. They were perfect, not to hard to bite but did not crumble too easily either, certainly the best I have tasted in a long time! What better way to enjoy them than with strawberries?

I decided to give the Lemon Curd a tough taste challenge, but tasting it on a spoon, though I must confess this was mainly because when I opened the jar it smelt so divine I couldn't wait to try it! I was delighted to find a light consistency, it really was quite special! Infact the lemon curd is made using the yolks seperated from the eggs used to make the meringues, so all part of a very special process!

 I'm not the greatest at cooking, but I decided to have a go at baking with the lemon curd. I made a small batch of fairy cakes and added some of the lemon curd to the cake mix. I then attempted to use the remaining lemon curd to make icing,  Now I admit they are not beautiful to look at, partly as Boo works on the basis of 'more is more' and mainly because presentation is not my strong point, but they tasted divine! (They were gone within 30minutes with Mr G and Boo fighting for the last one!

Sargies is a small family business based in Bude, North Cornwall. They sell a small but luxurious range of products, and you can find them in 19 branches of Morrisons in the SouthWest and also these stockists. I wish I lived a little closer as they offer a tasty looking range of  'ready meals' which look ideal for days when you want to impress but simply don't have time to cook. Or if you really want a treat you can rent a chef!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introducing..Poppy Cat!

When I heard the name Poppy Cat, I instantly knew the rather lovable ginger cat who stars in the beautiful books by Lara Jones. The success of the Poppy Cat books is phenomenal and they have sold over 2.5million copies worldwide! 

So why am I wanting to introduce you to Poppy Cat now? Poppy Cat has been turned into a fabulous colourful cartoon, perfect for preschoolers available to watch on  Nick Jr now! Premiered on Monday 2nd May 2011, it is going to be aired every week day throughout May!

The show makes subtle reference to the book origins of Poppy Cat by centering the episodes around a little girl called Lara who makes up stories for her lovable pet Poppy cat! The first episode we watched showed Lara sitting down to tell Poppy a story and then the fun commenced and Boo was quite taken with this idea! It worked as an introduction to the action gaining his attention without over exciting him, so he could sit down and watch intently!

Poppy and her friends Alma, Egbert, Zuzu and Owl, have a series of adventures which so far have really captured Boo's imagination! They visit magical places, and encounter other animals including pink dolphins and giant space squids! The characters dress up and really do enjoy extraordinary adventures! There is also a more serious side to the action, and we see the characters learning to work together to solve problems.

Poppy Cat features the voice of Joanna Page (best known for her role in Gavin and Stacey) as the voices the of Poppy Cat! She really brings the Poppy Cat character alive! When in a recent interview she was asked about what attracted her to this new role she said:

(I)  love Poppy Cat because she’s strong, she’s determined, she’s not scared of anything, she’s very brave, she’s lovely and kind, she’s not selfish, she looks after her friends and she doesn’t back down from anything — and I think I’ve got some of those qualities! It’s just really exciting to play a cat who is so strong and really up for it. 

 I must admit many of the brightly coloured characters really excite Boo, but simply do not hold his attention as he gets over excited by the colours and music. Poppy Cat seems to have got the balance right, Boo is keen to watch the action, and is intrigued by what is going on, and it seems to be further encouraging him to have an interest in books! As part of the pack we were sent to review, we received a copy of 'Poppy Cat's Dream' a beautiful hardback pop-up book. Boo loves the book, and has insisted we read it each night before bed, it is an ideal bedtime book as it is all about Poppy Cat losing her bear, searching for it, then finding it under her bed! On each page there is the opportunity to spot the bear and Boo and I have had alot of fun reading it together! 

Visit Poppy Cat  at Nick JR for more information or to download a free activity pack!

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Limited Edition FAB ice lollies!!

The lovely people at FAB ice lollies sent me some vouchers so that I could tell everyone what I think about their new Apple & Blackcurrant flavoured FAB lolly! I was quite excited as I have always loved FAB ice lollies, it's something about the sprinkles that makes them so special I think!

Obviously we had to try a few and compare the originals against the limited edition flavour! I was delighted when I unwrapped my New Limited Edition  FAB to see that the lolly looked familiar, it just had the subtle differences of different coloured sprinkles and a red/purple colour for the base of the lolly. The one to the right of the photo below is the Apple & Blackcurrant lolly:

I was quite surprised, the apple & blackcurrant flavour was far more subtle than I had thought it would be and retained the sweetness of the original version. I was also pleased to discover that an original Fab has 90calories, but the apple & blackcurrant version has only 82 calories - ideal for a guilt free treat! I enjoyed the apple and blackcurrant version, but it didn't hold quite the same appeal for me as the original version.  I decided to consult Boo (the lolly expert) on what he thought about these new limited edition lollies,his opinion was he much preferred them as he liked the blackcurrant alot! So we'll definitely be putting them on the shopping list for Boo's birthday party next month!

For more information on FAB's take a trip to myfabland!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Magpie Monday - Written on Sunday!

I'm a bit over excited by todays finds, so I have to write this post right now! Boo and Baby G decided to wake up ludicrously early this morning, so Mr G & I decided to head out early to check out the bargains!
I was glad we did as I ended up buying some beautiful baby clothes 3 items for £1 - all Next, John Lewis etc and looked brand new! And Boo got some t-shirts at 50p each..though I must confess most of these are too big for this year as they are age 4/5 and he's not yet 3!
Must first really exciting purchase was this Moon Sand set, New and Sealed £2! Perfect for the Christmas box for Boo!

 Next I found some gorgeous waterproof salopettes, I've refused to buy any until now, as they were to ugly to spend a considerable amount of money on..even if they are useful! I managed to pick up two fantastic brightly coloured pairs which will hopefully see us through (dare I say it..) winter 2011/12 and after a good wash they look as good as new!

Finally, while I do not wish to seem like I am obsessed with the postman, or where my post is deposited, I could not leave this beauty behind! A genuine US Mail Box, brand new still boxed with all the sticky numbers, screws and best still the little indicator which the postman clicks up if you have post! I love it! No idea where I shall put it or even if the postman is "allowed" to put our post in it, but it filled me with images of living on a texan Ranch! £4 and it was mine!

Hope everyone had as good a day bargain hunting as me!

Me and My Shadow