Monday, 9 May 2011

Candles from Norfolk..

I am currently sat wondering if it is too late in the evening to start baking you see I am desperate to taste some of this fantastic chocolate cake which I can smell.."what chocolate cake?" I can hear you cry! Well there is no chocolate cake (something my waistline is overjoyed about) it is just the most divine smell coming from a candle sent to me by Candles Crafts Gifts for review!

Now let me explain, this candle is not actually 'chocolate cake'..erm.. "flavour", it is labelled 'Chocolate' and this is my main criticism, as when it is lit it makes the room smell of freshly baked chocolate sponge cake and not just 'chocolate' at all! Quite honestly the smell is divine!

I appreciate the fact that the packaging of the candle has been kept simple, a tin with a simple label picturing the Norfolk town home to the company, and company contacts. It reminds me these are something special and not just another mass produced candle!

The candles are soy based, Soy Wax is better for the environment and is made from a sustainable source. They produce considerably less soot and when you blow them out they don't smoke like conventional candles so you retain the candle fragrance and you're releasing less nasties into the atmosphere. As you can see this doesn't impact on the burning ability of the candle they burn beautifully!

I also received a lovely Bergamot scented tea light, which has a wonderful and yet still subtle floral fragrance, perfect for summer dining table decoration!
The soy wax tea lights are sold in packs of 6 and come in a variety of scents and colours.

Disclaimer: While I received a product to review, I received no payment for this review. All thoughts are my own.