Thursday, 28 April 2011

A treat from Goodness Direct!

I was delighted to open an unexpected small package from Goodness Direct and discover one of my favourite things...chocolate!! Hoorah! What a lovely surprise, many thanks to you!

The bar I had been sent was called 'Pitch Dark' by the Raw Chocolate Co. I must confess I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, so this bar survived intact a little longer than chocolate normally does in my hands!

 Long enough for me to take a photograph!!

When I opened the bar I was impressed with the rich aroma, something I had not expected in a bar of chocolate promoted as 'natural, dairy & gluten free', I'm not entirely sure what i had expected but this really did surprise me. There is a definite hint of carob, which I find strangely addictive, and I was pleased that the bar is divided into tiny squares at in enabled me to indulge in the chocolate slowly! It had none of the bitterness I associate with dark chocolate, and the only after taste was the sweetness of carob. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Raw Chocolate Company has a variety of bars on offer, if you'd like to try out Pitch Dark, it is available at Goodness Direct

Disclaimer: I received Pitch Dark as a gift from Goodness Direct, I blogged of my own accord and the opinions as always are my own.