Thursday, 7 April 2011

Very Lazy Food Beef Stroganoff

As much as I enjoy cooking, my current lack of organisation means I have been sticking to meals I know - the sort I can scramble together without need for a recipe or shopping lists. I have a bit of an aversion to anything pre-prepared, as I am never convinced it tastes as nice as something I could make myself.

Very Lazy Food were looking for bloggers to try out some new sauces, and I was delighted to be chosen to try out their Beef Stroganoff sauce. The jar looks very smart, with a black cardboard outer which on the inside explains how to cook your meal in very simple steps.

To add to the sauce you need mushrooms, beef steak and soured cream, although I have to confess I used creme fraiche (my 'healthy' version). It is literally a very simple process of frying the beef, mushrooms, adding the sauce and finally the cream, a delicious meal in under half an hour.

The sauce smells divine, I wanted to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon! Having resisted these urges, I managed to wait until I had finished cooking before tasting and i am pleased to say I was delighted with the rich sauce. There is quite a hint of mustard (of which i am not a fan), but it really worked, and i found myself wanting to have seconds! The flavour is not typically 'out of a jar' it has more bite, and I'd happily try to pass it off as my own creation and enjoy some Very Lazy (but yummy!) Food!